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What is carbon offsetting, and how does Zixty offset my driving CO2?

Carbon offsetting is the act of doing something that, in time, will offset the CO2 that has been produced through a certain activity, such as driving. By adding Zixty Miles to your Zixty short term car insurance policy for free, you can offset your driving CO2 while a customer. Our Carbon Offsetting page describes how we go about this, including our relationship with Eden Reforestation.

What is Zixty Miles?

Zixty Miles is a free option that allows you to offset your driving CO2 for trips made while insured with Zixty. By enabling Zixty Miles we will plant a tree on your behalf, and carbon offset up to 100 miles per policy day. There are many other benefits shown on our Zixty Miles page.

How do I understand my carbon footprint?

You probably know you have a carbon footprint, and you may want to understand this impact, and how to reduce it. The team at Giki help individuals live more sustainably by showing how you can understand your carbon footprint and then find steps to reduce it. Why not check out GikiZero.

What is the most eco-friendly driving speed?

Minimising CO2 emissions while driving is not all about sitting at 56mph – far from it. Accelerating and braking smoothly, while maintaining consistent speeds will help, though some smart science has shown that in major cities, the optimum speed can be as low as 20mph. Find out more in our blog about fuel efficient driving speeds.

What does a tonne of CO2 look like?

Our carbon footprint is often measured in tonnes of CO2. But what does a tonne of CO2 look like? If you were asked what a tonne of Haribo look like, you’d probably be able to visualise it. The same is not necessarily true for carbon dioxide. Take a look at what a tonne of CO2 looks like.

What is BookSmart, and how can I choose a lower carbon holiday or travel?

With BookSmart24, planning an eco-friendly journey is easier than ever before. In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to quickly compare flights taking into consideration their carbon footprint and find the most sustainable options for your journey. All with minimal fuss!

What is urban greening, and how does it help the planet?

Urban greening is the power move of urban environments and we need it—now more than ever! Urban greening basically means introducing parks, gardens, and other green spaces into urban areas. Even planting a tree is technically urban greening if you do it in a city.

How does Zixty calculate my driving CO2?

Every car has an environmental impact – from manufacture, to when they go to car heaven. Taking into account the CO2 for the specific make and model of car being insured, we then measure the distance travelled and calculate the CO2 that would have been emitted at “median” driving style, and offset this amount of CO2. By driving more carefully, we may offset more CO2 than was produced, providing an incentive to save fuel and offset more CO2. We offset up to 100 miles of driving per day while a customer.

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