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eco car insurance tips and information

Eco and environmental news, information, and tips from the UK and around the world. We’re not aligned to any political party, and don’t comment on government policy or party politics.

Which type of Christmas is kinder to the planet?

If you’re off shopping for a Christmas tree this year, and are wondering whether it’s kinder to buy a real cut tree, a rooted tree, or an artificial one, we’ve done the leg-work for you. We look at the pros and cons of buying Christmas trees.

The Zixty approach to carbon offsetting every policy for free

At the heart of Zixty is our commitment to carbon offset every temporary car insurance and every temporary van insurance policy for free. In a world with opaque claims about “green” we set out what we’re doing, and how we confidently stand behind our claim. The Zixty approach to carbon offsetting every policy.

Lithium extraction may look beautiful, but is it our best option right now?

Lithium is a key component of the batteries that power myriad devices, including the batteries in electric vehicles. But while stunning photos of lithium fields have been published, the environmental impact of lithium extraction presents a different side. In this article we look at the benefits, and ecological downsides, of lithium extraction.

An introduction to three important terms relating to climate change, and ways to combat it

Climate change is rarely far from the news, yet some of the key phrases related to it may be unfamiliar. In this short article we look at 3 key terms related to climate change.

World Car Free Day 2023

Share the word about World Car Free Day 2023, and let’s all breath better for a day.

21 of the best eco-friendly apps to help you use less, share more, and offset.

We’ve reviewed 21 of the best eco-friendly apps if you want to up your eco game by using less, sharing more, and offsetting the CO2 that you generate.

How to help the environment when buying train tickets

Train travel can be a really eco friendly way of getting around – assuming they’re running… If you want to take an extra green step, head over to our article about Train Hugger, and see how quick and easy it is to plant a tree every time you buy a train ticket. Sounds like win-win to us.

Reduce your impact on the environment with Zixty's temporary car insurance

If you’re looking for new ways to lower your impact on the environment, we’re here to help. With a tree planted for every Zixty policy that you buy, plus the option to offset your driving CO2 using Zixty Miles, you really can reduce your impact on the environment with Zixty’s temporary car insurance.

What are the advantages of green car insurance?

The advantages of green car insurance are many and varied, but ultimately they should all help lessen the impact that we have on the environment. Allowing us to reduce our mileage, helping us to share cars more, to carbon offsetting, the benefits of green car insurance are many and varied. In this information packed blog, we answer the question “What are the advantages of green car insurance?

How do car insurance companies offset your CO2?

The world of carbon offsetting has developed significantly, and the options open to businesses and consumers alike continue to grow. In this article, we look at the different ways that car insurance companies can offset your CO2 – helping you to choose which one is right for you.

What makes a car insurance company green?

What is it that makes a company that offers green car insurance company “green”? It’s more than a logo, and in part it depends on the views and ideals of individuals. Why not take a look at our article that asks “What makes a car insurance company green?” and see how various companies measure up.

Buying train tickets can be even greener with Train Hugger

Travelling by train can be kinder to the planet than other forms of transport – however there’s still an environmental impact. Find out how you can double-up on eco friendly travel when you book your tickets through Train Hugger.

Green car insurance - can it offer sustainable protection for a greener future?

Being kind(er) to planet takes many forms, and the choice of car you drive, and how you drive it play their part. It’s a given that driving is inherently not good for the planet, but when you really have to drive, how can you minimise your impact? Read on to find out the most sustainable car options in the UK.

What are the most sustainable car options in the UK?

Being kind(er) to planet takes many forms, and the choice of car you drive, and how you drive it play their part. It’s a given that driving is inherently not good for the planet, but when you really have to drive, how can you minimise your impact? Read on to find out the most sustainable car options in the UK.

Does green car insurance cost more?

You could be forgiven for thinking that green car insurance might cost more than car insurance that doesn’t look to do its bit for the environment. There’s a cost – right? Well, not always, and not at Zixty. In our article “How much does green car insurance cost?” we put various myths to bed.

How do I choose green car insurance?

Choosing green car insurance balances many factors, including the insurance product that you want and need, how much you want to pay, and some factors that are very specific to green, or eco, insurance. We take a look at the key factors in our article about How to choose green car insurance – including the philosophy of the company, how offsetting is achieved, and more besides.

What is carbon offsetting, and how does Zixty offset my driving CO2?

Carbon offsetting is the act of doing something that, in time, will offset the CO2 that has been produced through a certain activity, such as driving. By adding Zixty Miles to your Zixty short term car insurance policy for free, you can offset your driving CO2 while a customer. Our Carbon Offsetting page describes how we go about this, including our relationship with Eden Reforestation.

What is Zixty Miles?

Zixty Miles is a free option that allows you to offset your driving CO2 for trips made while insured with Zixty. By enabling Zixty Miles we will plant a tree on your behalf, and carbon offset up to 100 miles per policy day. There are many other benefits shown on our Zixty Miles page.

How do I understand my carbon footprint?

You probably know you have a carbon footprint, and you may want to understand this impact, and how to reduce it. The team at Giki help individuals live more sustainably by showing how you can understand your carbon footprint and then find steps to reduce it. Why not check out GikiZero.

Why should I consider green car insurance?

Unlike standard car insurance, green car insurance helps you reduce your impact on the environment whilst you drive. It offers multiple features to minimize pollution and other negative outcomes associated with driving. Weighing up quotes? Check Why not read this article on who green car insurance is for before you make your mind up.

What is green car insurance and how does it work?

Say goodbye to traditional car insurance and hello to a greener driving experience. Consider switching to green car insurance! Such policies offer a range of features, such as carbon offsetting  and more whilst you are on the move. Learn the ins and outs with our guide to green car insurance.

What is the most eco-friendly driving speed?

Minimising CO2 emissions while driving is not all about sitting at 56mph – far from it. Accelerating and braking smoothly, while maintaining consistent speeds will help, though some smart science has shown that in major cities, the optimum speed can be as low as 20mph. Find out more in our blog about fuel efficient driving speeds.

What does a tonne of CO2 look like?

Our carbon footprint is often measured in tonnes of CO2. But what does a tonne of CO2 look like? If you were asked what a tonne of Haribo look like, you’d probably be able to visualise it. The same is not necessarily true for carbon dioxide. Take a look at what a tonne of CO2 looks like.

What is BookSmart, and how can I choose a lower carbon holiday or travel?

With BookSmart24, planning an eco-friendly journey is easier than ever before. In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to quickly compare flights taking into consideration their carbon footprint and find the most sustainable options for your journey. All with minimal fuss!

What is urban greening, and how does it help the planet?

Urban greening is the power move of urban environments and we need it—now more than ever! Urban greening basically means introducing parks, gardens, and other green spaces into urban areas. Even planting a tree is technically urban greening if you do it in a city.

How does Zixty calculate my driving CO2?

Every car has an environmental impact – from manufacture, to when they go to car heaven. Taking into account the CO2 for the specific make and model of car being insured, we then measure the distance travelled and calculate the CO2 that would have been emitted at “median” driving style, and offset this amount of CO2. By driving more carefully, we may offset more CO2 than was produced, providing an incentive to save fuel and offset more CO2. We offset up to 100 miles of driving per day while a customer.

Wondering whether you can make eco-conscious decisions while driving? You bet.

From driving at fuel-efficient speeds to using third party apps to find eco-friendly routes to your destination. There are a number of effective tactics you can use to reduce the impact your driving has on the planet. We’ve compiled the best of them for you in our 7 ways to be more eco-friendly with your driving.

Are trains an environmentally friendly option?

Often touted as an environmentally friendly option for transport, trains absolutely can be a good option for climate friendly travel. However, as is always the case, the devil lies in the detail. Take a look at our brief run-down on our view as to whether or not trains are an environmentally friendly option to get the full picture.

Want to turn ad views into planted trees?

Who would have thought watching adverts could be so rewarding? The guys over at Treeapp have developed a mobile app that helps its’ users plant a tree a day. All you need to do is watch an ad from an eco-friendly business.

How does Zixty’s partnership with Eden Reforestation work?

Can you plant trees with short term car insurance? With Zixty and Eden Reforestation you can! Here’s how.

Zixty have partnered with Eden Reforestation to help drivers carbon-offset their journeys. Thanks to Eden Reforestation, when you take out a temporary car insurance policy with us with the Zixty Miles add-on, we are able to carbon offset your journeys by planting a tree for every mile you drive.

Looking to make your travel plans more eco-friendly? We have just the app for you.

Noone wants to feel guilty about the effects their holiday flights are having on the environment! Thanks to Booksmart24, it’s now easier than ever to make eco-conscious decisions that can not only reduce your carbon footprint but also save you money! Get peace of mind by knowing you’ve chosen the most environmentally friendly travel options available for your summer holiday with this handy tool.

How to reduce your environmental impact when cleaning your teeth

Yep – you read that right. We’ve found a way that even the act of cleaning your teeth can be more environmentally friendly (and this doesn’t mean NOT brushing them!)

What is carbon offsetting?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll most likely know what carbon offsetting is. Just in case you’re new to the game, here’s a short article that answers the question “What is carbon offsetting?

Want to work out your carbon footprint? We’ve got just the thing!

Reducing your individual impact on the environment is hard when you have little knowledge of how your lifestyle is currently impacting the environment. Thanks to Giki Zero, you can calculate your carbon footprint, receive actionable steps to reduce it and even celebrate your succeeding along-the way.

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