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Ah, the joys of travelling – you know the drill: long lines, cramped seating, and feeling a little bit too close for comfort with your seatmate. But the fun doesn’t end there. That flight you took is not great for the planet either. Oh well. Sometimes you have no choice, right? 

Picture this:  You’re sitting on an uncomfortable plastic chair near your gate. You feel guilty flying halfway around the world to attend your best friend’s wedding. Sipping that Matcha latte during your layover all the while knowing planes contribute to climate change is just not a vibe. But, that’s just the way it’s always been. Until now!

BookSmart24 is here to save the day with its brand new website designed to make your travel plans more eco-friendly.  With BookSmart24, planning an eco-friendly journey is easier than ever before. In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to quickly compare flights taking into consideration their carbon footprint and find the most sustainable options for your journey.  All with minimal fuss!

But how does it work?

KLP plane (Boeing 747) flying low over sea as it lands

What is Booksmart24?

BookSmart24 is a great tool for those looking to make environmentally informed and responsible decisions when booking their travels. It not only helps you pick the cheapest or fastest route but also finds the most eco-friendly option, taking into account CO2 emissions and fuel efficiency.

With the SmartChoice feature, you can easily discover how to choose a comfortable, environmentally friendly and cost-saving trip without compromising on your preferences. BookSmart24 also accounts for additional factors such as biofuels or the sustainability of airports when calculating which route is best for you.

This website could be invaluable in helping us all reduce our negative impact on our environment – it’s basically an easy way to ensure that your travel plans are ecologically sound without sacrificing convenience or quality.

What is the reasoning behind Booksmart24?

BookSmart24 is great for those of us who don’t necessarily want to go for the cheapest option if we know that our flight will involve long layovers and be much longer than necessary. Instead of just looking at price tags, we can take into account factors such as comfort levels and sustainability when making travel choices – and with BookSmart24 this whole process is made much simpler so you can get where you’re going faster and more efficiently.

BookSmart24 hinges on the idea that people are willing to pay more for sustainable options. And they’re not wrong. A recent survey revealed that more than a third of people globally would pay more for a sustainable product. Also, about 85% of consumers have become greener in recent years. 

This means that the cheapest option is not always the default option. BookSmart24 exists to provide yet another parameter to consider – and that’s your impact on the environment when you choose a particular itinerary. 

Pretty young woman in glasses using a mobile phone and credit card in front of open laptop

How can I use Booksmart24?

Using BookSmart24 is simple! All you have to do is select your desired destination, enter your departure date, and hit “search”. 

Then, all of your available routes will be displayed. The top result will be your SmartChoice option. This will be the greenest option available.

You’ll also be given the cheapest option as well as the quickest option to help you make up your mind. Sometimes, your cheapest option will also be the most eco-friendly one. Sometimes, it won’t be. 

You can use this data to compare various routes and decide which one will give you the best combination of comfort, cost savings, and environmental friendliness.

The screenshot below shows what this might look like. 

Booksmart interface showing green flights

We wanted to find out what our best flight options would be if we wanted to experience our very own fairytale in New York over the Christmas period. 

Our three best options can be seen above. Right now, you can’t really toggle between the Euro and Pound currencies effectively, so the results were only listed in Euros. 

But, as you can see, you’re given your greenest option, your lowest fare option, and your shortest trip option so you can always prioritise based on your needs at the time. 

The greenest SmartChoice option also tells you how much less CO2 would be released into the air if you choose that option as compared to the cheapest flight. In this case, if you pick the greenest option, your trip would result in 29% less emissions as you can see. 

Departure lounge at airport. Young woman looks out of the full height window to see a British Airways plane getting ready for departure.

What's next for Booksmart24?

BookSmart24 is the new kid on the block and it’s about to shake up how we get around. It’s all about green flights for now, but soon enough you’ll be able to book a train through the website too! That means you can pick whichever option suits your budget and sustainability needs the best – so no more compromising on comfort or cost. 

And if that wasn’t cool enough already, they’re also releasing an app so you can book your travel on the go.

Go green with your next taxi trip?

With so many people travelling these days, it’s important that we take steps to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible. That’s why BookSmart24 was created—to give travellers an easy way to find eco-friendly routes for their trips without sacrificing comfort or convenience. yourself and the planet 

BookSmart24 makes it easier than ever before for travellers to make eco-friendly decisions when planning their trips while still getting where they need to go in comfort and on budget.

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