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Our temporary insurance and our eco mission

Zixty offers flexible temporary car insurance with an eco conscience. Find out everything that we do, and how you could save money, fuel, and CO2.

Zixty announces the launch of our latest product - Zixty Plus.

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our latest product – Zixty Plus. You still get the same great cover, but now you get valuable benefits included as standard.


The Zixty approach to carbon offsetting every policy for free

At the heart of Zixty is our commitment to carbon offset every temporary car insurance and every temporary van insurance policy for free. In a world with opaque claims about “green” we set out what we’re doing, and how we confidently stand behind our claim. The Zixty approach to carbon offsetting every policy.

The Zixty approach to minimising our impact on the climate by adopting a remote-first to our work.

As a business we work hard to ensure that we minimise the impact of our business operations. One of the key parts of this is our remote-first approach to working – taking daily journeys out of the UK and global transport network. It’s a core part of our drive towards being net-zero.

Is temporary car insurance worth it? We think so.

If you value flexibility, freedom, saving money, AND an environmental up-side, then we believe that Zixty’s temporary car insurance is worth it. But, you be the judge of that.

Zixty partners with Evergreen Insurance Services

Today marked another step in the Zixty mission to help customers reduce their impact on the environment by launching our partnership with Evergreen Insurance Services.

Evergreen are an ethical insurance broker who, in essence, want to make a difference to the environment. Specifically, they want to help make a positive change to the natural world by helping wildlife and nature charities.


Quote and Buy on the web

Building on the quick and easy way of buying and viewing temporary car insurance through our iOS and Android apps, we’ve extended our website so that you can buy a policy without needing an app.

Designed for people who might not have the data speed or allowance to download an app, but who want the speed and flexibility of Zixty, getting a policy is quicker and easier than ever before. Get a q quick quote, and pay using card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

On top of that, we plant a tree with every policy purchased, and if you enable Zixty Miles in the app for free, you can also offset up to 100 miles of driving CO2 while you’re a customer.


The Zixty temporary car insurance app is available on Android

We’re excited to say that our Android app is now available in the Google Play Store. Offering all of the speed, simplicity, and eco conscience options of our iOS app, this is now available to Android and iOS users.


What level of cover does my Zixty policy provide?

Zixty temporary car insurance provides you with Comprehensive cover for Social Domestic and Pleasure purposes as well as for commuting to your normal place of work. We also cover business use (Class 1) which covers driving to and from other business locations in your normal course of work for your main occupation (please note no delivery or taxi use is covered). However, like most short term policies it doesn’t cover Glass (including windscreens). You need to ensure that the cover meets your needs before buying a policy.

I am borrowing a car. Who needs to take out the insurance?

When taking out day car insurance the person who will be borrowing and driving the car needs to download the Zixty app and take out the policy. You’ll need to provide us with the email address of the lender, and you must have the prior consent of the vehicle owner to take out a Zixty policy and drive their car.

I am lending my car to someone. Who needs to take out the temporary car insurance?

The person who will be borrowing and driving the car needs to download the Zixty app and take out the short term car insurance policy. You need to tell the borrower your email address in order to receive the notification of the policy.

Can I use Zixty temporary car insurance to travel to and from work?

Zixty short term car insurance can be used for driving to your normal place of work, or to other places in connection with your work. However it does not cover activity where the driving activity is for reward such as couriers, delivery drivers or taxis.

Does a Zixty car insurance policy allow me to tax my car?

Yes, taking out a Zixty temporary car insurance policy will enable you to demonstrate that you have a valid insurance policy in place when taxing your vehicle and whilst you get a longer term car insurance policy in place. However, please remember that it can take a few days for the Motor Insurance Database to update which will be required for the DVLA to get the confirmation that the vehicle is insured.

Do I need to own the vehicle I’m insuring?

Lots of customers take out Zixty day car insurance because they’re borrowing someone else’s car. The owner of the car will be notified by email that cover is being arranged, and you must have their permission before getting insured or behind the wheel. So, no you don’t need to own the car you want to insure with Zixty day car insurance.

Can I insure a SORN vehicle with temporary car insurance?

We cannot insure SORN vehicles on a Zixty temporary car insurance policy.

Can I take out hour car insurance to take my car to get an MOT?

We cannot provide cover on a Zixty hour car insurance policy to take a vehicle to an MOT if the MOT has already expired.

Can I use Zixty car insurance to release a car from impound?

Zixty short term car insurance doesn’t cover recovery of impounded vehicles.

Can I add Breakdown Cover to my Zixty policy?

Yes. Simply get a quote in the Zixty app, and when you see your initial price, you have the option to add this additional peace of mind to your Zixty policy. Our breakdown cover includes Home Assistance, Nationwide Recovery, and Roadside Assistance. Check out the full details of our Breakdown Cover here.

Can I protect my Excess?

Yes. Simply get a quote in the Zixty app, and when you see your initial price, you have the option to protect your excess with our Excess Protect add-on. If you take this optional extra, in the event that you have a need to claim against your Zixty policy, you can claim back £150 of your excess. Check out the full details of our Excess Protect here.

Can I Offset my driving CO2 with a Zixty policy?

Of course you can! Simply get a quote in the Zixty app, and when you see your initial price, you’ll have the option to enable Zixty Miles through the app.

Can I drive abroad with a Zixty policy?

Zixty temporary car insurance policies provide the minimum level of cover required by the laws of compulsory insurance for you to use the vehicle on road in: (a) Any country which is a member of the European Union; (b) Any country which has agreed to follow the European Union directives relating to compulsory motor insurance and is approved by the commission of the European Union. Please refer to your policy wording for full details to ensure the cover provided meets your needs.

If I need to claim, does this affect the lender’s NCD or policy?

If you take out a Zixty temporary car insurance policy to drive a car owned and insured by someone else and need to make a claim against this policy, this claim doesn’t affect the policy or the NCD of the owner’s policy. Your Zixty day car insurance policy supersedes any other insurance in place for the vehicle while your Zixty policy is in force.

When can Zixty temporary car insurance start?

Zixty is designed to be as flexible as possible, and cover can start in as few as 5 minutes time – or you can choose a start date and time that suits you.

What driving licence do I need?

At the moment we offer short term car insurance for full UK licences issued by the DVLA, and you need to have held your licence for 12 months or more.

Does the vehicle and policy get registered on MID?

Yes, we will ensure the vehicle is loaded onto the Motor Insurance Database (MID) and taken off when the cover ends. Please be aware that this can take up to 48 hours to get updated. Your Zixty car insurance policy cover starts on the date and time shown in your policy documents, and your cover is valid even if the vehicle is not showing in MID.

How Zixty is revolutionising the sharing economy

Whether it’s clothing, white-goods, electricals, tools, or in fact almost anything – sharing and re-use are key parts of the way in which we can get more from items that are manufactured, and that would otherwise go to land-fill. Cars are the same. By owning fewer cars, and sharing them more, we can lessen our collective impact on the environment. Take a read to find out how Zixty and our temporary car insurance support and encourage the sharing economy.

Forward planning for the planet

Here at Zixty we know that manufacturing and driving cars is inherently not good for the planet – whatever the energy source. Every car has an environmental cost through its life – and that’s a fact that we can’t get away from. What we’re setting out to do is to help people make choices that reduce their impact on the environment when driving a car is the only practical way of getting around. Find out a little more about us, and how we’re helping people play their part.

Insurance for Jobs, Journeys, and Adventures.

Whether you’re moving a sofa, going to the tip, sharing a road-trip with friends, or simply want to take your time buying an annual policy, Zixty offers temporary car insurance designed for life’s jobs, journeys, and adventures.

We are Zixty

We’re here to breathe fresh air into short term car insurance in the UK. We are Zixty.

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Breakdown cover

Zixty Rescue breakdown cover is designed to get you moving and keep you moving.

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Excess Protect

Claim back £250 of your excess in the event of a fault claim against your Zixty policy.

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Offset your driving CO2

Carbon offset up to 100 miles of driving per day for FREE, plus a range of valuable benefits.

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Temporary car insurance

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