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Breakdown cover

Adding breakdown cover to your Zixty policy gives you the additional reassurance of 24/7 help from our trusted network. Expert and reliable help is just a phone call away. That’s the Zixty way.

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Home-Start is designed to repair the car, or recover it to a garage when the car is at your registered home address, or within a 1 mile radius of that address.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance provides support at the roadside – within the geographical limits of cover. In the event that the car cannot be repaired, if required it will be transported to a local garage.

Nationwide Recovery

If your car cannot be repaired at the roadside, and if you have a journey to complete, Nationwide Recovery will get your car back to your registered home address, or if closer and preferred, your onward destination.

Zixty Plus

Zixty Plus policies include Roadside Assistance, and Local Recovery – up to 10 miles from the scene of the breakdown. You can upgrade a Zixty Plus quote to include Home Assist and Nationwide recovery.

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A trusted network

The Zixty Rescue breakdown network, provided by Call Assist, has over 3,500 UK vehicle technicians who cover the mainland UK. With an average call-out time of 44 minutes, and 90% of calls answered within 20 seconds – help is right around the corner.

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Keeping you moving

Whether you’ve just bought a car and you’re getting it home, or you’re borrowing a car, with short term insurance there’s a fair chance you’re driving a car you don’t know that well. Breakdown cover can give you one less thing to think about.

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What are the benefits of adding breakdown cover?

Nobody expects to get to their car and find it doesn’t start, and nobody sets off expecting to breakdown. Stuff happens – and it can make a mess of your plans.

By adding Zixty Rescue to your policy you’re getting access to over 3,500 trained mechanics – available 24/7. Just get your Zixty quote, and you can add breakdown cover in a single tap. Zixty Plus policies include Nationwide Breakdown and Local Recovery to within 10 miles of the breakdown, and you can upgrade this to include Home Assist, and Nationwide Recovery.

When can I use Zixty Rescue?

You can use Zixty Rescue any time you’re driving a car you’ve insured with Zixty – so long as you haven’t taken the car abroad. The SOS section in the app pin-points your location, and a tap in the app, or a call to 01206 771713 will connect you with our trained and helpful network. That’s 24/7 – day or night, rain or shine. (It will be raining…)

Key features
Car and remote
  • Home-start
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Nationwide Recovery
Car moving
  • Emergency overnight accommodation
  • Alternative transport
  • Caravans & trailers
  • Mis-fuel Assist
  • Key cover
  • Message Assist

Peace of mind cover

  • Home-Start : At your registered home, or up to a mile away
  • Roadside Assistance : Roadside repair or recovery
  • Nationwide Recovery : Transporting the car to your destination

The level of cover varies on your chosen insurance product and optional cover selected.

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Love the planet

Add Zixty Miles to your policy for FREE and we’ll offset the CO2 from up to 100 miles of driving each day you’re with us. By driving really carefully, we may offset even more CO2 than the driving produced – making your journeys carbon negative.

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Breakdown cover guide

Does Zixty Rescue include cover At Home?

If you add Zixty Rescue to a standard Zixty policy, or you upgrade your Zixty Plus breakdown cover, Zixty Rescue Breakdown Cover includes Home Assist. This is at your registered home address, or within a 1 mile radius of that address.

Does Zixty Rescue include Recovery?

Yes. Zixty Rescue cover includes Nationwide Recovery to an approved garage, or your home if the car cannot be repaired at the roadside.

Where am I covered with Zixty Rescue?

Zixty Rescue covers driving in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, and (for residents only) Jersey and Guernsey.

Does Zixty Rescue breakdown cover me or the vehicle?

This covers you as the driver of the vehicle insured with Zixty along with any passengers in the car with you.

Breakdown cover FAQs

Does Zixty Rescue include trailers?

Provided that the trailer is fitted with a standard 50mm tow ball coupling hitch, and is not longer than 7m (23 feet) (not including the length of the a-frame and hitch) it will be recovered with the car at no extra cost.

Who is the Zixty Breakdown provider?

Call Assist is the Zixty Rescue breakdown provider. They have access to over 3,500 UK vehicle technicians, and have an average call-out time of 44 minutes. 90% of calls are answered within 20 seconds.

What do I do if I break down?

Before doing anything else, make sure that all occupants of the vehicle are safe – including any pets. If you can do so, stop the car off the road, and if you have one, and it’s safe to do so, put out a warning triangle.

Open the Zixty App and tap SOS – following the on screen instructions. Please make a note of the What 3 Words location in the SOS section of the Zixty app to assist in locating you. You can also call them directly on 01206 771713.

Does breakdown cover driving outside Great Britain?

When driving outside Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, and (for residents only) Jersey and Guernsey Zixty Rescue does not cover you or the vehicle.

If you take a car abroad while insured with a Zixty policy, in the event of a breakdown you will be responsible for repairs, recovery, and/ or repatriation of the car.

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