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The National Trust isn’t just about keeping old buildings standing and preserving our history. They’re also passionate about safeguarding nature for future generations.

In fact, they’ve got a whole tree planting scheme that anyone who cares about climate change and wildlife preservation can get involved with.

And at Zixty, we’re here for it.

From time to time we like to highlight the work of other groups and charities in their endeavors to help keep the planet green and healthy. And today, we’re spotlighting the work of the National Trust.

Because there’s so much more to them than history and decadent cream teas.

Give nature a helping hand with the National Trust

The National Trust needs no introduction. They look after more than 500 historic houses, castles, and gardens in the UK, as well as a staggering 250,000 hectares of land.

So there’s plenty of space to plant lots of trees. And that’s just what they plan on doing.

As part of their activities, the National Trust introduced a tree planting scheme, where people can contribute to their planned goal of planting and establishing 20 million trees by 2030.

With suggested donations starting at £5 for a single tree, this provides a great opportunity to make a small difference. Plus, you get the added bonus of knowing that you helped the National Trust’s important work.

What exactly will your money buy?

Is £5 really all it takes to plant a tree? Turns out, yeah. The National Trust has broken down what various donation amounts can do. And a fiver is just enough to plant a tree sapling.

But you can donate more too if you wish. For instance, £25 will plant 5 tree saplings, and £50 will plant 10.

And if you’re minted and feeling generous, you could donate up to £2,500 which will be enough to plant an entire football pitch of woodland!

Once you make your donation, you’ll receive a digital certificate within a few days. This digital certificate can be made out to you or can be created to celebrate a friend’s birthday, for example.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you drain your life’s savings to plant trees. But foregoing a single pint at the pub this week could plant a sapling. And that’s not much of a sacrifice, right?

Here’s why we love the National Trust Tree Planting Scheme

This brilliant scheme is already in progress! The National Trust has planted more than 700,000 saplings thanks to people’s donations.

That’s pretty impressive in itself, but even more so when you realise that a single tree can remove a whole tonne of CO2 during its lifetime!

By partaking in this project, you could do your part toward removing 20 million tonnes of CO2. How’s that for an epic legacy?

Here’s why you should help

We love trees at Zixty, so we just had to give this awesome project a shout out! But there are actually so many great reasons to get involved.

Trees are fab tools to tackle climate change

Besides being absolutely essential for life on Earth, trees play a vital role in maintaining the planet’s health. They absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, which helps keep the planet in balance.

They also provide shelter and shade for humans and animals alike! We benefit from their thick shade during the hot summer months, and animals use them as shelter in the summer and winter months too.

But that’s not all, they’re great in urban spaces too! It’s estimated that trees in cities can lower the average temperature by up to 7°C, and we don’t have to tell you what a massive difference that would make after this year’s record-breaking heat waves.

It’s a great gift to a friend or family member

Whether you’re looking for a last-minute birthday present or a thoughtful Christmas gift, planting a tree is the perfect solution. And with prices starting at just £5, it won’t break the bank either. Just head over to the National Trust website and choose your donation. You’ll be sent a digital certificate as proof that you’ve planted a tree.

It’s a great way to immortalise a loved one

Looking for a unique way to immortalise a loved one? For a small donation, you can have a tree planted in memory of your loved one. And unlike other memorials, this one is guaranteed to last for decades!

It’s worth noting you won’t be able to choose the location of the tree or even necessarily see it once it’s planted. But by contributing to the National Trust’s goal of planting 20 million trees by 2030, you’ll be making a lasting difference in the fight against climate change.

So why not honour your loved one in a way that benefits everyone and creates a powerful memorial?

Trees are awesome!

Seriously, what’s not to love? They’re good for the environment, they provide a thick shade in the summer months, and they’re beautiful, too.

So what are you waiting for?

Whether you’re looking to help out the environment or give a friend or family member a unique gift, planting trees with the National Trust is a ‘treesome’ way to do it!

Zixty: We are all about trees here

As you’ve probably gathered at this point, we’re pretty big on trees here at Zixty! They are brilliant at removing CO2 and they’re great to look at, too. What’s not to love?

And just like the National Trust, we like planting trees. That’s why every time you take out temporary car insurance with Zixty Miles, we plant a tree. There are tons of other benefits to joining us too, so make sure you check them out once you’ve planted a tree with the National Trust.

Carbon reduction

We know that carbon reduction is the goal that everyone should be working towards, and that carbon offsetting is only part of the solution, so we’ll be spotlighting groups and charities who are working towards carbon reduction. If you’d like to be featured, drop us a line at

Zixty has no affinity or relationship with the National Trust.

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