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So who exactly are we?

In 2021, a bunch of straight-laced insurance professionals met up with some software nerds in hoodies and some hummus-munching creatives in Birkenstocks. The goal was to change the world. Well, the insurance world.

Between us, we felt people needed insurance that’s available only when you need it, as well as being environmentally sound. The kind of insurance that helps you sleep easily at night.

So, in 2022, Zixty, part of ZixtyGo Ltd., was born, offering easy-to-use, short term cover with an environmental conscience.

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Our mission

At the heart of Zixty is convenience – the ability to get cover when you need it. Like for taking that old wardrobe down to the tip, or accompanying Aunty Beth to afternoon tea. Or even taking old Aunty Beth to the tip. We leave the choice up to you.

Backing this up is the chance to glow with the worldly satisfaction that comes with doing some good for the environment. Live your life, get on with your jobs, journeys and adventures, and enjoy the fact that you’ve done a bit to help the planet.

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Our technology

Key to all of this is some pretty natty tech. The Zixty app, created by some clever people with high foreheads, uses something called telematics.

Opt in to Zixty Miles and we’ll use your phone’s onboard technology to assess your driving – your acceleration, braking, cornering etc. Turns out a safe driver also has a smaller carbon footprint. A size 3, if you’re interested. In Italian loafers.

Armed with this knowledge, we assign an EcoScore to every journey. This tells us how many trees to plant to carbon-offset that journey. So, drive carefully, opt in to Zixty Miles and be rewarded by having some or all of your journey carbon-offset by us. And call your mum once in a while.


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If you would like to get in touch we’d love to hear from you.

Use the chat feature (the little green circle at the bottom right hand corner of the screen) to talk with one of the team.

Or for general enquiries email us via the contact page.

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