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At Zixty, we have an accessibility policy. It covers how accessible our website is to visitors. So we’ve designed every page with accessibility and usability in mind, bearing in mind current standards and guidelines.

Our website pages are written to the average reading level in the UK. Which means we’d never use a word like erinaceous. Mainly because we don’t know what it means. 

Our pages are designed to work with screen readers and accessibility settings, but if we could do anything better, please let us know at

Documents in accessible versions

If you need any of our documents in another accessible format, contact us and we’ll send them to you. Get in touch at

Customising this website to suit you

You can change font size and page zoom in your browser settings. Check advanced accessibility support for Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Please let us know if you have any problems. Your feedback is valuable and we’re always trying to improve the site.