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Drive well, save the planet

By driving skills, we don’t mean drifting and donuts in the supermarket car park. We’re talking about safe, considered driving. The kind that helps save the planet.

Enabling Zixty Miles in the app unlocks exclusive benefits and kick-starts your carbon-offsetting.

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How we work out Zixty Miles

So how do we calculate Zixty Miles? Well, the lovely folk at the DVLA helpfully provide emissions data, which we use for our carbon-offset calculations. Oh, and EVs all default to 25g/km, so we can even help EV drivers do their bit.

Then we dig deep into the Zixty Miles part of the app to measure miles travelled and calculate your EcoScore based on driving behaviour. We use this to work out total emissions, which determines how many trees we plant. After the awkward teenage years, they’ll start doing their bit for the environment. Clever little chaps.

We work with our friends at Eden Reforestation to ensure the trees are sustainably and environmentally planted.

We calculate the offset amount we pay based on a median score of 4-6. Scored higher? Congratulations: you’re a carbon-negative driver. Lower? Don’t worry: we’ll simply give you tips on improving your EcoScore.

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Zixty Miles EcoScore – tips and trips

You might be aware there’s something of a climate crisis afoot, unless your address involves a cave. So at Zixty, we’re keen to recognise environmentally conscious driving. If you fancy being a green hero too, we’d like to reward you.

Meet Zixty Miles EcoScore. The app rates your driving from 1-10. That’s your EcoScore.

We score you based on data your phone sends us from the app – your speed, acceleration, braking, and cornering. Drive well and you’ll achieve a higher score. The higher your score, the more likely it is that your journey is carbon negative, and the more you can brag about it.

In the app, you’ll also be able to see all your trips, your emissions data and tips on driving more economically. All of which is good for the environment and good for your pocket. We think that’s pretty sound all round.

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A unique bunch of benefits

Switch on Zixty Miles and help save the planet. One sweetly executed gear change at a time. We’ll:

  • Plant a tree for every policy taken out
  • Carbon-offset up to 100 miles of each day’s journey when you’re insured with us
  • Offer eco-driving tips to help you save fuel. What’s not to like about saving fuel?
  • Offer Accident Assist. After each trip, we review your journey. If we detect an incident, the Zixty app will ask you to confirm and help you report a claim.
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Zixty Miles
Assessment metrics

Zixty Miles assess your driving style using a variety of metrics recorded on your phone using your inbuilt accelerometer.

Car moving


The faster you drive, the more fuel you use – reducing efficiency.



How moderately you accelerate. Gradual acceleration is better.



How smoothly you brake. Progressive braking is better.



How well you prepare for cornering or turning.

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