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Carbon-offsetting. What is it?

Carbon offsetting is one of those things you hear about from people who talk loudly at parties. And we know you ignore them. So here’s the low-down.

Every car has an environmental impact. From manufacture, to when they go to car heaven. So, at Zixty, we look at the cost of using them, then work out, in tonnes of CO2 equivalent, how much carbon they’ve created while being driven.

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The Zixty approach

Next up, we cover the cost of planting trees which, when fully grown, will absorb the amount of CO2 emitted. Through our parnership with Eden Reforestation we plant trees of different species in countries around the world.

It takes about 20 years for a tree to reach a size that it absorbs enough CO2. But then it’s on the job for its entire life, with no slacking. So far, Eden has planted and maintains over 977 million trees.

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Carbon-offset your driving

At Zixty, we want to teach your vehicle’s emissions who’s boss. So while your policy is in force, we’ll carbon-offset your journeys by up to 100 miles each day. Whether you’re driving a Ford or a Fiat.

Just keep Zixty Miles enabled in the app and we’ll reward you by carbon offsetting some or all of your miles.

Insuring with Zixty is an easy way to leave the planet a little better off than how you found it.

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