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All aboard the planet-loving, tree-hugging train! If you’re passionate about doing your bit for the planet, and you use trains, then you’re going to love Train Hugger.

Train travel is one of the greenest ways to get around, contributing a mere 1.4% of total UK transport emissions. But what if we told you you could make your rail journey even greener?

Today, we’re casting our Zixty Spotlight on Train Hugger. That’s right; although we offer green car insurance for those necessary car journeys, we like to spotlight other great initiatives that can help you lead a more eco-conscious life too.

And Train Hugger is a brilliant option for those of you who travel by train. With Train Hugger, you can plant a tree every time you book a train ticket to help restore the UK’s countryside. Talk about a win-win situash! 

Person in orange with blue car and trees and sun in the background.

What is Train Hugger?

Train Hugger is a train booking platform that allows you to plant a tree with every ticket you buy. With their Android and Apple apps, you can book your travel on the go, getting the cheapest fares on the market, and with the added bonus of tree planting.

Approximately a quarter of Train Hugger’s revenue from your tickets goes towards restoring the UK’s natural world. So, the more you book, the more you give back to mother nature which sounds like a win-win to us. Their app even lets you see the number of trees planted with each booking; so you can pat yourself on the back for doing your bit for the environment.

Train Hugger has teamed up with The Royal Forestry Society (RFS) to set up a tree planting grant for RFS members, making it even easier to plant more British trees all over the country.

They have some pretty hefty goals too. They’re planning on restoring 250 hectares of wildflower meadows, planting 10 million trees by 2025, and doubling the UK’s woodland cover from 13% to 26%. But why the focus on the UK, you might ask? 

Why does Train Hugger focus on planting trees in the UK?

Train Hugger is on a mission to transform the UK’s landscape by planting trees. But why focus on the UK specifically? The answer is simple – the UK has a fairly low tree cover as compared to the rest of Europe.

With just 13% forest cover, compared to Europe’s average of 37%, it’s clear that more needs to be done to plant trees in the UK. This is where Train Hugger comes in. By planting trees that are well-managed and climate-resilient, they’re not only improving the UK’s landscape, but also working towards combating the effects of climate change.

Their RFS grant is managed by an experienced forrester tasked with selecting the right trees for the right locations. This means that the trees are more likely to thrive, and ultimately contribute to a healthier and happier environment for all.

You can take a look at the types of trees Train Hugger funds here, but they include well known species like Wild Cherry, Oak, and Pine trees to name a few. 

Are Train Hugger train tickets more expensive?

With Train Hugger, you’ll always have access to the cheapest train tickets you can get online. They accept all railcards too, so don’t worry about not getting the discount you’re owed.

Full transparency: you may sometimes have to pay a slightly higher booking fee than you would through a service like Trainline. We found that a one way journey booked via Train Hugger incurred a £1.50 booking fee. The booking fee for the same journey via Trainline was £0.79.

The tickets cost the same on both websites.  Also, it’s worth remembering that booking fees can vary anyway depending on your booking. This is just one example.

Generally, however, you shouldn’t expect to pay much more by booking with Train Hugger. And your ticket price won’t change. Plus, you’ll know you’ve planted a tree through your booking and that’s got to be worth the extra pennies on occasion. 

Train Hugger: The greener way to take the train

Nowadays, there are so many wonderful initiatives that can help you make your journeys greener.

Not to toot our own horn (much), but here at Zixty, we can make your car journeys more eco-conscious by carbon offsetting your mileage when you enable Zixty Miles and buy a policy. Plus, we love trees too, so we plant a tree every time you take out a policy with us too. Basically, we’ve got you covered if you’re driving and want to do your bit for the planet.

But if you’re taking the train, companies like Train Hugger can make those journeys even greener. So whether you’re commuting to work or embarking on a weekend adventure, join the Train Hugger family and start making a difference today. It’s time to get on board, quite literally, and show some love to the planet.