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Have a question, a complaint or need to make a Claim? You’re on the right page!

If you already have a policy with us the easiest way to get your documents is to download the Zixty app onto your smartphone so you always have it handy. The app also has info on how to make a claim to make it even easier for you. 

Download the app on your phone or scan the QR code.

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Need to report an Incident/Make a Claim?

Oh no, hope you’re ok? Because we work with a number of different insurers it’s important to look at your documents to identify the right contact details. Your policy details are all in the documents, along with the Claims number to ring. If you aren’t sure you can also ask us on Livechat during working hours and we will help guide you to the right place.

If you bought ZixtyPlus and/or one of our optional extra cover elements like Breakdown or Excess protection then these details and claims numbers can also be found in your app and in your policy documents.

Have a question for us?

There’s no such thing as a silly question if you don’t know the answer! We have a series of frequently asked questions which should cover the majority of queries. If you can’t find what you need, the chat button will take you through to one of our helpful team members during working hours. The chat icon is at the top of the screen on your smartphone and, just to be difficult, at the bottom of the screen on the website. Alternatively you can email us at if that is easier.

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Have a complaint or a suggestion?

We aim to give a great experience to all of our customers so we are really sorry if we fell short. If you are not happy about something then please tell us so we can try and put it right or consider it for future enhancements.

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Breakdown cover

Zixty Rescue breakdown cover is designed to get you moving and keep you moving.

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Carbon offset up to 100 miles of driving per day, plus a range of valuable benefits.

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Claim back £250 of your excess in the event of a fault claim on your Zixty policy.

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Temporary car insurance

Flexible insurance from an hour to 28 days. Get more cover in a few taps.

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Fast. Flexible. Easy.

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