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Green car insurance is a great choice for eco-conscious drivers who want to balance the need to drive with their desire to have a reduced environmental impact. This type of cover offers several features that are designed to help reduce pollution and other harmful consequences of driving.

Green car insurance policies all have one thing in common: they strive to help you reduce your impact on the planet while you’re behind the wheel. And they achieve this in many different ways. So let’s explore why green car insurance might be a good option for you.

Do you want to make your driving more eco conscious?

Some driving styles are more eco conscious than others. Driving carefully typically also results in better fuel efficiency, for example.

If you want to adopt greener driving behaviours, green car insurance might be a good choice. That’s because some green car insurance policies can help you become a climate conscious driver.

For instance, when enabled, our free Zixty Miles add-on generates an EcoScore based on your driving behaviours. This shows you how eco conscious your driving is – the higher, the better. If your score is on the lower end of the 10-point scale we use, we even give you tips to help you improve your driving and become a more eco-conscious driver as a result.

But you don’t have to go on a drive to learn how to become a more eco-conscious driver. We have resources to help you make more eco friendly choices when you drive.

Person in orange with blue car and trees and sun in the background.

Do you want a car insurance policy that encourages car sharing?

Carbon offsetting is a way to mitigate your impact on the environment. It’s no magic bullet, but it can make a positive difference.

Green car insurance policies may come with the option to carbon offset your driving. At Zixty, for instance, we’ve partnered with the lovely folks at Eden Reforestation to help you offset your journeys.

When you buy a Zixty policy we will plant a tree, and if you enable the free Zixty Miles add-on, we carbon offset all your journeys up to 100 miles a day while you’re a customer.

In effect, you’re sponsoring tree-planting activities while you’re behind the wheel making those necessary car journeys.

Do you want to make your driving carbon negative?

Carbon negative driving? That’s a bold claim, we know. But, if you combine carbon-offsetting activities with eco-conscious driving, you could potentially become a carbon negative driver.

How? Zixty makes it easy through a combination of carbon offsetting and your EcoScore. We typically carbon offset your journeys based on a median EcoScore of 4-6.

But, if you followed our eco friendly driving tips and scored higher than a 6, then you’re technically a carbon-negative driver. That’s because we will offset more emissions than you will have produced while driving.

So through careful driving and carbon offsetting, you could take that extra step to help the planet.

Man with blue hatchback car with trees and the sun in the background

Can car insurance ever be truly “green”?

Car ownership is so yesterday. And temporary car insurance policies make it possible for multiple people to share one car.

Let’s take a look at when this might be appropriate. Let’s say you’re sharing a flat with your two best friends. One of them owns a car and drives it pretty frequently. He has an annual car insurance policy.

But, you and your other best friend don’t really need to drive. Your office is only a short bicycle ride away.

Still, sometimes you wish you could stretch those driving muscles and get behind the wheel for a quick weekend road trip. Plus, why should it always be on the person with the car to do all the driving? Being the designated driver 100% of the time blows.

That’s where temporary car insurance makes it possible to car share. You only take out a policy when you need it for as long as you need it. And with Zixty, you can take out a policy in just a few minutes – say hello to spontaneous road trips!

Also, bonus points, if you need to claim on your temporary policy, your friend’s No Claim Discount won’t be affected at all.

Do you want a car insurance policy that rewards reduced driving?

An annual car insurance policy covers you for the whole year. That might be an appropriate choice if you own your car, for example.

But, when you’re sharing a car with someone else, you might be wondering whether it’s best to opt for becoming an additional driver on their policy or taking out a temporary car insurance as and when you need it.

The latter “rewards” reduced driving. How? It’s simple. With policies that can last as little as an hour, you only pay for the cover you need. You don’t pay for the whole year when you only need to drive very occasionally.

And given that policies can be arranged in as little as a few minutes, you can get on the road whenever you need to anyway. So you can make a decision to walk or cycle when you can, knowing that you’ll be saving money by not taking out a policy.

Alternatively, if the weather changes or you need to get somewhere quickly and need to drive, you know you can arrange a policy quickly to get you on the road.

Flexible temporary car insurance could be a great choice if you’re looking for ways to reduce your driving.

Go green with Zixty’s temporary car insurance policy

Whether you’re looking for green car insurance because you want a policy that encourages reduced mileage and car sharing or carbon offsets your journeys, Zixty is a great option.

It’s super easy to arrange via the app, takes minutes to activate, and can last anywhere between an hour and a few weeks too.

By choosing green car insurance, you can take steps towards reducing your impact on the environment while still being able to enjoy the convenience of having access to a car.