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What’s Zixty all about, then?

Zixty is car insurance. But not as you know it.

As you know it, insurance can seem opaque, expensive and a bit out of touch with the way things are. With Zixty, insurance is transparent, greener, and a doddle for customers.

With Zixty, you get short term car insurance and can also do your bit for the environment. That’s because we carbon-offset every policy for free, and up to 100 miles of each day’s driving while you’re a customer when you opt into free Zixty Miles. Drive safely and show the planet a little love.

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Certifiably green

We’re working towards being carbon-negative and want to help you do your bit, too. That’s what Zixty Miles is all about and it’s why we’ve been awarded the Green Mark certification.

Our Carbon Offsetting
Green Mark

FCA regulated

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is designed to ensure financial markets are honest, fair, and competitive. We’re an Appointed Representative of Wrapper Limited who are regulated by the FCA. This means you can be sure that you’re dealing with a reputable firm that operates within strict guidelines. Good to know when you’re putting your car, or someone else’s, into our hands.

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BIBA Peace of mind

At Zixty, we feel that peace of mind is hugely under-rated. The British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) represents the interests of insurance brokers, intermediaries and, most importantly, customers like you.

As Zixty is a BIBA member, you can be sure our service complies with BIBA’s guidelines. We also return our library books on time. We’re nice like that.

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