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Are you looking to up your eco-friendly game? Sure, setting reminders to turn off the lights and tweaking your wardrobe with sustainable swaps is important — but what about taking small steps in other areas of your life? Let’s start with something easy: brushing those pearly whites. 

Making one simple switch when it comes to dental hygiene can have a surprisingly huge impact on the environment. After all, most of us brush our teeth twice a day — that adds up!

But what if we said you can successfully maintain a sparkling smile AND help the planet at the same time?  Don’t believe us? Well then grab some minty-fresh toothpaste and read on to discover exactly how you can give mother nature a gleaming grin with minimal effort.


Use a toothbrush with a biodegradable handle.

Ready to dump your old plastic toothbrush and be a bit more eco-friendly? Good for you! You’ll need to pick up a bamboo toothbrush, which are surprisingly easy to find these days.

But, most bamboo toothbrushes are made with Nylon bristles. This is great for those who are vegan among us, but it does mean they’re biodegradable unless they’re made with pig hair.

Yes, that’s right – if the bamboo toothbrush uses bristles made with hairs from our swiney friends, then it’s fully biodegradable. But if it uses conventional nylon for the bristles, then, unfortunately, it will only partially break down.

To be fair, both options are valid and much better for the planet than using an old-fashioned plastic toothbrush. But it just goes to show you can’t be too careful reading labels.

Whatever you choose, one thing is certain: making the switch means fewer plastic brushes in our landfills and oceans. Now that’s something worth brushing your teeth over!

Floss using thread or dental floss made from bamboo

Flossing with bamboo is the way to go – not only will you feel good about dedicating yourself to a sustainable lifestyle, but bamboo floss is also compostable! That’s right, unlike nylon fibres (which are essentially plastic anyway) your bamboo floss won’t be clogging up landfills and contributing to our over-dependence on non-renewable resources.

Bamboo is strong, sustainable and simply better for the planet overall so it’s no surprise that it’s becoming increasingly popular. Flossing has never been easier or more eco-friendly!

running tap

Don’t leave the tap running while brushing your teeth

Can you believe that 1 in 3 people leave the water running while they brush their teeth? Like, why?! There’s absolutely no need for it at all. Turn the tap off while brushing your teeth, and turn it back on when you’re ready to rinse off.

This super simple thing that we hope most of you are already doing anyway could save you up to six litres of water per minute. Yup! There is absolutely no reason why you should have the tap water running while brushing your teeth.

And those of you that do leave the tap on while you brush your teeth – it’s estimated you waste 24 litres a day for absolutely no reason. So maybe don’t do it. The planet will thank you. So will your wallet.

Only brush your teeth twice a day

Brushing your teeth twice a day is key for dental health, but any more than that is basically overkill. You don’t need to brush your teeth every time you have a meal.

In fact, dentists say that if you brush after every meal, you might be doing more harm than good, especially if you ate something acidic.  This is because toothpaste is abrasive and could harm your teeth’s enamel.

If you want to freshen up after lunch, pop a mint or something. Don’t brush your teeth needlessly.

Reuse your old toothbrushes once you’re done with them

Feeling wasteful tossing out your old toothbrush? Most dentists say you need to replace your toothbrush every three months. That’s a lot of plastic in the environment.  Of course, you could always recycle it.

Plus, if you’re feeling extra resourceful, you’ve got tons of ways to reuse that old toothbrush for tasks like scouring stubborn grime off pots and pans.

But that’s not all, an old toothbrush is a great tool for shining jewellery, polishing your sink, degreasing your kitchen appliances, and even refreshing your bathroom grout.

Couple your old toothbrush with some of the Pink Stuff paste and scrub your old Converses clean. You’ll breathe new life into your shoes and get some use of that toothbrush before you chuck it.

People buy all kinds of specialist cleaning tools, but an old toothbrush is a versatile way to save money and save the environment.

So next time, don’t just toss it in the trash – reuse it instead!

Blue car with trees and the sun in the background

All it takes is one small change a day

Making small changes in our daily routines can add up to make a big impact, so why not start with something simple – like eco-friendly tooth brushing? It’s easy to find sustainable and plastic-free options for all your dental care needs these days, so there’s really no excuse not to switch.

Here at Zixty, we like making small, everyday changes that add up to a big impact on the planet. That’s why we offer a great eco-conscious temporary car insurance policy. If you enable our free Zixty Miles add-on when you take out a policy with us, we’ll plant trees to celebrate.

Plus, we’ll look at your driving habits, give you an EcoScore, and offer suggestions to improve your driving. Oh, and we’ll carbon offset your journeys.

So if you need to borrow your friend’s car for the weekend, make sure you give Zixty a go after you finish flossing.