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Week car insurance

Need to insure your car for a short time? Get easy and comprehensive coverage with weekly car insurance. From just one week up to 28 days, you’ll get the security of knowing that you’re fully covered – plus add Zixty Miles without costing anything more to offset your driving CO2 – it’s win-win all around.

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Week car insurance

Week car insurance is perfect for those times when you need to buy temporary car insurance for just a week or a few weeks at a time. Your car may be in the garage and you need to borrow a car to tide you over, or you want to share driving on a road trip, or something else entirely! Either way, you want a weekly car insurance policy to give you comprehensive cover for at least a week to keep you on the road.

Hour, week and month car insurance

Did you know that with Zixty car insurance, you are not tied to weekly cover? You can take out a policy from as little as 1 hour up to 28 days so you only pay for the cover you need.

Temporary car insurance that's easy and rewarding
Get a quote

Get a quote
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Breakdown Cover
Excess Protect
Zixty Miles

Zixty Miles

CO2 offset your policy
CO2 offset your driving
Get tailored driving tips

Feel Good

Offset your CO2
Save fuel

Insure with confidence

Our week car insurance is backed by trusted insurance names, and as part of the British Insurance Brokers Association, you can be confident that you’re dealing with a legit business. Our insurance activities are also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, providing more reassurance that you’re in safe hands.

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What we’re about

Times change, and insurance needs to keep pace. Zixty exists to provide short term car insurance that’s transparent, fair. and most importantly helps people reduce their impact on the environment. By listening to our customers, our future is shaped by your needs.

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Key features
Car and remote
  • Comprehensive cover
  • Replacement lock/ key cover
  • New vehicle replacement*
Car moving
  • Social, Domestic, and Pleasure
  • Personal Business Use
  • Breakdown & Excess Protect add-ons
  • Legal Liability Cover
  • Medical Expenses Cover
  • Foreign Travel**

Tailor your cover

  • Excess Protect : Protect £250 of your excess
  • Breakdown cover : Home-start, roadside, and nationwide recovery with our trusted network
  • Zixty Miles : Offset the CO2 from up to 100 miles per day for free
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Love the planet

Add Zixty Miles to your policy for FREE and we’ll offset the CO2 from up to 100 miles of driving each day you’re with us. By driving really carefully, we may offset even more CO2 than the driving produced – making your journeys carbon negative.

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Key criteria
Steering wheel
  • Age : 21 to 75
  • Licence : Full UK DVLA issued
  • Licence length : Held 4 months or longer
  • Disqualification : Not been banned in last 5 years
  • Points : No more than 6 valid points
  • Occupations : Certain occupations excluded
  • Residency : UK resident for 12 months or more
  • Drivers : One driver only
  • Claims : No more than 2 claims in the last 3 years
  • Value : Up to £50,000
  • Age : Up to 20 years old
  • Private car : Private cars only
  • MOT : Must have a valid MOT
  • Permission : Must have owners consent
  • Modifications : No after market modifications
  • ABI Group : Up to Group 45
  • Registration : UK registered right-hand drive
  • Usage : No rental/ hire cars

Week car insurance FAQs

Can I insure my car from one week to the next?

Yes. You can insure your car (or someone else’s) to drive for a week and then tap the app for a second policy should you need more cover. If you’re not sure exactly how long you want there is no need to commit right away! Select the minimum time you need to get started and return to the app later, up to a total of 28 days.

Can I insure my car for weekends?

Yes. You can insure your car for the weekends that you want to use it. Simply download the Zixty app, register your details and the car registration and select the weekend start and end date and time. Should you want to insure your car for more than one weekend, your details will be saved in the app so you can set up cover as and when you need it.

Can I leave my car uninsured for a week?

No. It is illegal to leave your car uninsured for a week without declaring it as SORN. This applies to anywhere that you park it, whether that is on the road, in a driveway or in your garage. Temporary car insurance can be a good option to provide cover for your car if you find that you may be uninsured for a week or just a few weeks. If your car is kept off the road for longer than temporary insurance can provide cover, you will need to declare it as SORN. Zixty provides insurance for up to 28 days. Get a quote online now and download the Zixty app to buy day car insurance today. In just a few taps you’ll be covered!

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