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Sick of pinching pennies so you can finally afford to buy that old banger from Facebook marketplace? It’s not much of a reward for endless beans-on-toast nights in, is it? Plus, there’s road tax and the rising cost of fuel to think of, too.

And let’s not forget, even if you do manage to get your hands on a car that barely passed its MOT, the annual car insurance premium for that thing is sure to be eye-watering.

But the thing is, not everyone needs a car in their day-to-day life. There is another way.

And that’s where the sharing economy and Zixty’s environmentally-friendly temporary car insurance comes in.

What is the sharing economy?

The sharing economy. What a funky buzzword, right? It sounds like the kind of stuffy thing your uni mate might say when he’s trying to convince everyone he actually reads the Economist on the reg.

But what on earth is it? A socialist utopia? A conspiracy theory? A sly plan to save the planet from climate destruction? Let’s dive in and find out.
At its most basic, the sharing economy is simply a way of sharing resources. That’s it. It’s not a new concept; humans have been sharing stuff since the dawn of time.

What is new, however, is the way we’re sharing resources. Thanks to the internet, we’re now able to share resources with people all over the world at the click of a button. That includes everything from accommodation to transportation to food.

Uber, AirBnB, and Olio are all examples of apps that make the sharing economy a reality. But even sharing resources, like cars, with your friends is an example of the sharing economy.

Why are the sharing economy and NOwnership so popular?

Up until fairly recently, home and car ownership were seen as status symbols.
Owning a car was a rite of passage, buying a home made you a real adult qualified to discuss things like fixed-rate mortgages and the economy.

But the concept of ownership is quickly going out of fashion. Young people are driving less now than previous generations, and there has been a steady decline in drivers for the last 25 years.

And the benefits are apparent. Did you know that sharing cars leads to less cars on the road (shocker), less carbon emissions, and fewer car accidents too?
Millennials value experiences over things. And Gen Z appears to be following in their footsteps.

That’s why the concept of NOwnership has emerged over the last few years. In fact, an Eventbrite survey found that 66% of young Brits aged between 18-34 felt more fulfilled by experiences than by purchasing an item of the same value.

In a world plagued by overconsumption and climate disaster, the sharing economy offers people the opportunity to share what they need when they need it and create sustainable communities in the process.

But to participate in this new world, you need the right tools at your disposal. And that’s where temporary car insurance comes in.

How can temporary car insurance help you benefit from the sharing economy?

So you’re all pumped to join the sharing economy and the new #NOwnership movement. For you, that means trading a sixpack of Stella to borrow your mate’s Golf when you move into your new house share in a couple of weeks.

Fine. We all start small. Baby steps.

But you can’t just drive off into the sunset with Gertie the Golf. You need car insurance in place. What?! Has the establishment already crushed your dreams of a minimalist existence!? Typical.

Not so fast.

That’s where temporary car insurance like Zixty comes in. It’s designed to be quick, reliable, and flexible.

You don’t have to fumble about with policy documents that don’t make sense.

Short term car insurance like Zixty is designed to be transparent and quick to arrange.

You can take out cover for a couple of hours so you can pick up that IKEA futon, or you could opt for a couple of weeks if you’re hoping to go on a road trip around the country. “Short term” is a pretty flexible term here.

Going green? You need Zixty’s short term car insurance in your life

The sharing economy isn’t just a convenient way to save money by borrowing your mate’s car. The concept of #NOwnership and sharing resources is about creating sustainable communities. And we’re here for it.

At Zixty, we’re trying our level best to become carbon negative. But we can only make that happen with your help.

When you take out temporary insurance with us, we plant a tree. But that’s not all. We also carbon-offset each journey you take with us up to 100 miles each day. Yup, even if you’re driving an electric car.

And, we encourage you to drive in environmentally conscious ways too. You can enable Zixty Miles in our app and grab exclusive benefits if you drive safely, because safe driving is better for the planet.

So if you’re keen to get in on the sharing economy by borrowing your mate’s car, Zixty is designed to make your trips greener.

Zixty’s short term car insurance: how we’re revolutionising the sharing economy one tree at a time

Consumerism is out. Caring for the planet and sharing your resources in a sustainable way is in. And cars are major contributors to climate change. That is an uncomfortable reality none of us can get away from.

Even electric cars aren’t completely innocent.

But you’re already doing your part by not buying a car you don’t need. Still, what about those rare occasions when you have to borrow your friend’s Diesel guzzler?

Well, that’s where Zixty comes in. We make your journey as green as possible.

See, we’re not just about making it super easy and convenient for you to live a minimalist lifestyle.

That’s the surface-level stuff. We like to dig deeper.

We’re here to revolutionise the sharing economy by driving forward its vision of a sustainable, community-based lifestyle.

Download our app today and see what makes us different.