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You might know that, here at Zixty, we offer short term car insurance. Anything from 60 minutes to 28 days. Bought in minutes.

You might want insurance to borrow your mum’s car cos your clutch has gone, pop to the recycling centre, or shift a parlor palm in a Picasso.

Day car insurance

Of course, we’re not the first to offer short term car insurance. No names, no pack drill. Day car insurance has been around a while, although it’s nothing like as common as standard annual policies. But we might be the first to make short term insurance do its bit for the environment.

No, we’re not tree-huggers composting our veg like there’s no tomorrow. Although things might be more interesting if we were. And we deffo don’t sit in judgement of people who choose not to offset. We just recognise that there’s stuff we can do to leave the world a slightly better place than how we found it.

First up, we’re selling short term car insurance. That means we’re encouraging folk to use vehicles only when they need to. So that should make us the good guys and gals from the get-go.

Temporary car insurance app

But we can do better than that, and we do. But we do need your help. You’ll have to download the Zixty app first. Got that? Great. Now you’ll need to add Zixty Miles to your temporary-insurance policy.  Go on – it’s free.

By enabling Zixty Miles on your policy, you can carbon-offset your journey by up to 100 miles per day. Now, carbon-offsetting might be one of those words or phrases you’ve heard and you’re not 100% sure what it means. Like ‘dialling a phone’ or ‘sounding like a broken record’.

So what is carbon-offsetting and might it make you feel all wholesome inside if you do it? In brief, a carbon offset means reducing emissions of carbon dioxide in one place to compensate for an emission made somewhere else.

When fossil fuels are burnt, greenhouse gases get released into the atmosphere and soon build up. This causes climate change and it’s a real threat to our survival.

Carbon offsetting insurance

The race is on to reduce our emissions. We can all do this by switching to renewable energy sources, turning off lights, taking fewer baths, reusing dishwater on our plants (they don’t mind – they’ve told us) and so on. But even these steps won’t be enough. That’s where offsetting comes in.

To offset our carbon emissions as a business, we calculate what they are and then put our money where our exhaust pipes are. We financially support a project that reduces the same number of CO2 emissions through the planting of trees.

Feel good now? You’ll feel even better when you’ve done it.

Choose Zixty and do your bit for the planet. Download the Zixty app now.