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So why might you need Zixty temporary car insurance? Maybe you simply don’t have a car. Or you’re buying/ selling a car. Or maybe the one you do have is too small for the job in hand, too elderly, or too knackered to go further than the local Tesco Express.

Rest assured, with Zixty, we make it easy to keep the freedom and flexibility that comes with having access to a car. Best of all, you won’t have the cost of owning and running one. You can just wear someone else’s out.

Here are some scenarios where short term car insurance is a sure-fire winner.


Short term car insurance with Zixty is just the ticket for the keen DIY-er and for those doing practical jobs around the house. It’s as handy as a Bosch cordless. The combi one with the 1.5Ah lithium-ion battery. Yeah, that one.

Let’s kick things off with that old chest of drawers. The one that Raffles the cat used as a scratching post. Raffles is no more, sadly (unconnected with the incident) and you’d quite like a new one. (Drawers, not cat. No waaay.) So you need to get the old one to the recycling centre (or ‘tip’, if you’re north of Kidderminster).

Your Nissan Micra isn’t going to cut it. But your brother Bob has a Skoda Superb Estate that’ll give you 2000 litres of space with the rear seats down. An hour’s insurance should cover things nicely.

Other instances where temporary car insurance comes in handy? There’s a lot! How about moving house? Okay, so we don’t cover vans just yet, but Bob is always on hand with the Skoda. Day car insurance is also a beast when it comes to messy DIY jobs, involving dust and dirty tools. Just find someone who’s less car-proud than you.


Okay, so The Toon (that’s Newcastle United to you and me) have made it to the cup final. You’re a big fan and, last time we looked, the final’s held at Wembley. It’s a long walk. So why not get temporary insurance on your mate’s car and share the driving? This is also a good environmental move, as it takes another car off the road. Nice one.

Other journey scenarios include driving home for Christmas. We’re talking to you, Chris Rea. You work in The Smoke and rely on the Tube to get around. Sadly, your Oyster card won’t take you much beyond Hampstead. So borrow a car for the week.

How about if your mate’s cycling LEJOG (Land’s End to John O’Groats) and needs support? What he doesn’t need is his car. Megaphone optional.

Then there are uni drop-offs, a relative coming to stay for a week and wanting to use your car, ferrying granny around in her car because she’s bust her foot. We leave the choice up to you: we just provide the cover.


As you’ll know by now, we’re keen to help people do their environmental bit, with our carbon-offsetting option. But hey, maybe you were having an adventure anyway but just need a different vehicle? Let’s look at some scenarios.

While Zixty doesn’t yet cover campervans and motorhomes, why not drive the Atlantic Highway or the Black Mountain Pass in a soft-top?

That’s the thing about cars: there’s nothing quite like them for reaching remote areas. Let’s face it, a bus will take you only so far. So, strike out. Put your mountain bikes on the roof rack and get away from the madding crowd, wild-swim in secret lakes, climb every mountain. We make it easy to do whatever you like, when you like.

Temporary insurance: carbon offsetting

Whatever you want to do with our temporary car insurance, you can do a bit of good for Mother Earth while you’re at it, just by downloading our app and enabling Zixty Miles.

We’ll carbon-offset up to 100 miles of your driving each day while you’re with us. We’ll work out your car’s carbon emissions using the vehicle registration number. We then use distance travelled and your driving style to calculate the carbon offset. That’ll take the form of tree planting with Eden Reforestation.

Ready to get going on your next tip run or wild adventure? Download the Zixty app today.