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We knew that if Zixty temporary car insurance didn’t exist, it’d be important to invent it. So that’s what we did. You see, we looked at the traditional car insurance model and said ‘nah’.

The traditional insurance model involves wearing grey clothing and charging money for a product that runs for a year, when you might only need a few days. Call us crazy, but that seemed a bit nuts.

See, these days, it’s all about the sharing economy. That’s a socio-economic system facilitated by advances in big data, built around the sharing of resources by individuals and groups in a collaborative way, so that physical assets become services. Or, as we prefer to see it: borrowing Dave’s Mondeo estate when you need to shift your sofa.

One day early in 2022, a bunch of insurance types met up with some nerdy web sorts and a hummus-munching creative or two and decided to make a difference.

What they had in common was the passion to shift the insurance world a degree or two on its axis, as well as a determination to do something about the climate crisis affecting the planet.

Short term insurance ideas

So where does our short term insurance cover fit in? Okay, let’s imagine your friends Simon and Beth over the road have a convertible. Called Erica. Every morning, you wake up, throw back the curtains and go ‘Hmumph’.

It’s that noise you make when you see a Mercedes SLK collecting bird poo when it could be pottering around the Scottish Highlands, helping you swim wild in freezing-cold lochs and tickle the odd salmon.

One day, when you return Beth and Simon’s cocktail shaker, you boldly ask if you might borrow Erica for a while. Happily, they agree to this.

But whoa, before you wend your way up towards the Lake District, you’re going to need insurance. You don’t want a year of the stuff: a couple of weeks will do. Enter Zixty.

Our temporary insurance products are perfect for scenarios like this. Others you might be able to think of include taking granny to the races, visiting your Aunty Marge in The Cotswolds, or simply doing a tip run in Dave’s estate (see above).

Day car insurance

For all these occasions, a year’s insurance might not be the best of ideas. That’s when you need Zixty. Our day car insurance products cover you for anything from 60 minutes to 28 days.

But driving contributes to climate change – which is all around us – it’s hard to miss. Each year, human activities release more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than natural processes can remove. This causes carbon dioxide to gather in the atmosphere – which those people in the know agree is not a good thing. It traps heat and leads to global warming, and footage of polar bears on shrinking ice-flows make upsetting viewing.

Carbon offsetting insurance

So, what can be done? Well, the humble automobile is a cause of these harmful emissions. Perhaps because there’s well over a billion of them. The sharing economy, which we’re playing our part in, can help with this. With our help, you can use vehicles only when you need to do so.

On top of this, we’re committed to carbon-offsetting the journeys you make with Zixty by up to 100 miles a day. Download our app and sign up to Zixty Miles for free, and when you drive in a careful, planet-conscious way, we’ll plant carbon absorbing trees to help us both do our bit for the environment.

This unlocks exclusive benefits for you, including driving tips to help you save fuel, and enjoying discounts on future policies.

Want to get going? Just click here to download our app. Maybe it’s time to return that cocktail shaker.