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Are you in need of temporary wheels, but can’t commit to a year-long insurance plan? Say no more! A short term car insurance policy has got you covered.

Whether you’re just borrowing your friend’s ride for the weekend or buying a car, this type of insurance provides cover for a set period of time – no long-term commitment required.

Even better – a short term car insurance policy like Zixty is designed to offer broadly the same level of cover as an annual policy, but you should understand any differences before buying a policy. So you’re all set! 

Here’s why you might use short term car insurance 

There are all sorts of reasons why you might need short term car insurance

Just bought a new car but haven’t found the perfect annual car insurance yet? We get it, commitment is scary. That’s where short term car insurance comes in. It’s like the dating app of the car insurance world – no strings attached and all the benefits without the pressure.

Need to borrow your BFF’s ride for a quick weekend road trip? Short term car insurance has got you covered. Test driving that sick new ride before you commit? Yup, short term car insurance takes care of that too.

And don’t even get us started on those last-minute moving day nightmares when only your dad’s van will do – short term car insurance will make sure you’re protected while hauling all your stuff.

Ready to take out Zixty’s temporary car insurance? Get a Quote on the web, or Download our app and we can get you moving in minutes. 

Here’s why you might choose not to use short term car insurance  

We won’t always be able to offer you short term car insurance here at Zixty. Sometimes, it’s just not the right product for you. 

First of all, short term car insurance won’t work if your vehicle has been declared off the road (SORN). So if you’re just trying to drive your car for an MOT appointment, short term insurance with Zixty won’t be the way to go. 

Additionally, short term insurance isn’t available for new drivers or those who have had their license for less than a year. 

Also, we have a list of requirements that you, and the car you’re planning to drive, have to meet before you take out a policy. Make sure you meet them before you download our app

What is short term car insurance: An overview 

Short term car insurance could be the perfect solution to your driving needs! Think about it – maybe you just need to borrow a friend’s car for a road trip, or maybe you want to shop around before fully committing to an annual policy.

Either way, short term car insurance gives you the flexibility to have cover without tying you down long-term. Plus, options usually range from a few hours to a few weeks.

There are a few circumstances where you might not be able to take out short term car insurance at Zixty, of course. For instance, if you’re a learner driver, we can’t insure you because you need to have a UK licence to qualify. 

We have a detailed article covering several scenarios when it does make sense to take out short term car insurance, and a few scenarios where it won’t suit your needs. Check it out!