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What is temporary car insurance? Good question. Knew you’d ask.

Temporary car insurance

Temporary car insurance covers you for driving a car in the short term. That could be for just one hour or it could be for up to 28 days. It’s fast, it’s flexible and it’s a bit fantastic.

Why would you want temporary car insurance? The short answer is because you need to drive a car (or a van) for a short period. Maybe you just need cover at a weekend road trip? or perhaps you’ve bought a nearly-new fridge on Gumtree and need to get it home, temporary car insurance cover could be the one for you. 

Bear in mind that driving any vehicle uninsured isn’t going to make you any friends in the local constabulary. So, drive insured. Please.

As you’re likely the kind of person who lets folk with just a few items slide in front of you in the supermarket queue, we’re sure you’ll have every intention of taking out temporary insurance. Good for you.

Our short term insurance policies are comprehensive. Similar to an annual policy. (There are differences, such as the fact that short-term policies rarely include windscreen and glass cover). Just for a shorter time. Obvs. Just make sure you have the permission of the car owner, as a poke in the eye from a frozen salmon can hurt a lot.

Temporary car insurance – scenarios

Here are some scenarios where you might need temporary car insurance:

Sharing the driving

You’re on a long journey with a friend. They’re driving and want to take a nap. Call us crazy but we believe it’s far better to do that in the passenger seat than in the driver’s seat.

Because mum can’t drive

Your mum broke a bone while enthusiastically enjoying Superbowl. You help out with the shopping. And driving her over to Madge’s.

For work

You might need to get to a work meeting in a random rural location. You should go along with this just the once, then get a new job. Or become the boss.

You have a sofa that the cat has wrecked

Skittles has destroyed your old sofa and you need to take it to the tip (the sofa, not the cat). You need an estate car and call in a favour from Phil next door. You take out an hour’s insurance. Just make sure you dig out those 5p pieces.

You’re doing the North Coast 500

While we don’t like to encourage unnecessary travel, we’re going to assume you’d be going on holiday in any case. And how much better to explore the Scottish Highlands in Jim’s two-seater convertible? Unless there are more than two of you. Sorry, kids.

You’re buying a car

You’ve bought the car of your dreams and you need to get it home. Temporary, ‘drive-away’ insurance can help you get home – but make sure you insure your new wheels sharpish.

Of course, the great thing about temporary car insurance is that it’s designed to support sharing and flexibility. In these days of watching our emissions, we feel that’s got to be a good thing.

Temporary car insurance cover

The temporary car insurance cover you take out with Zixty is for everyday use – that’s social, domestic, pleasure, commuting and personal business. You’re fine popping out for a work meeting but not exclusively for work. No fast-food delivery drivers or couriers, thank you very much.

There’s a standard excess of £500 on your policy and no mileage limit. We cover only the one driver, though we’ll look at insuring two in the future. Only one driving at any one time, though, obvs.

Optional extras

Carbon-offsetting insurance

Whoa. Did someone say carbon-offsetting? Yep. You’ve got plenty of choice when it comes to temporary car insurance. But we feel our product swings it by being kind to the planet.

Add Zixty Miles to your policy for free and we’ll carbon-offset up to 100 miles of driving per day while you’re a customer. How? The registration number tells us the vehicle’s CO2 emissions. We then take the distance and your driving style into account when calculating the carbon offset, which is achieved through planting trees with Eden Reforestation.

So, whether you need a car to take that special someone on a romantic weekend road trip, or, less romantically, you just need to take something to the tip after a mahusive spring clean, temporary car insurance could be your bestie.

Ready to get flexible with your insurance and do your bit for the planet? Download our app today.