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Summer’s here and there are good reasons why taking the right car makes a lot of sense in 2022. Not least that flying in the post-pandemic era appears to be stressful. About eight times as stressful as explaining social media to your nan.

Carbon offsetting your driving

Naturally, as an environmentally focused company, we don’t condone unnecessary journeys, but we’re guessing you’d be going on holiday in any case. And, with Zixty, you can enable Zixty Miles in our app and carbon-offset some or all of your driving.

Of course, holidays, adventures and road trips bring a unique set of challenges that mean your usual wheels might not be up to the job. Or you might just really fancy borrowing your sister’s convertible and hot-footing it to the Northumbrian Coast. And if you don’t, can we, please?

Maybe you need an SUV or people carrier because the kids have invited their mates along. Or perhaps you’re borrowing a sporty two-seater and exploring Cornwall.

Only a car will do

Let’s be honest, the right car opens up plenty of possibilities when it comes to travel. A bus will take you only so far (the shops), while trains have their limitations (tracks). If you want to get somewhere really wild and remote, only a car is going to cut it.

If you’re setting off late at night to get to somewhere far-flung, you’re probably going to struggle getting public transport to play ball. And good luck if you decided to travel by train with your three kids complete with suitcases, electronic devices, teddy bears, pet dog and inflatable giraffe for the pool. Sometimes, only a car will do.

Let’s take a look at some of the places you might get to.


Head south, head west (unless you live on the Isles of Scilly) and enjoy Cornwall, a land of rugged coastline, cosy coves and sandy beaches. Point yourself towards the sun on the south-coast ‘Riviera’ or surf the wild Atlantic north coast.


Whether it’s the eternally awe inspiring rugged beauty of Snowdonia and the incomparable Llanberis Pass, the lonely stretch of single-track road that’s The Abergwesyn Pass (don’t forget to take in the Soar y Mynydd chapel), or the Cambrian Mountains, Wales has a world of adventures waiting for you.

North Coast 500

Ever wondered what NC500 stood for? It stands for 516 miles of gorgeous coastal scenery, sugar-white sand, towering peaks, picturesque fishing villages and a bunch of stories you’ll want to tell your grandkids. Or just take them along for the ride.

The South-West 660

The new kid on the block is the South-West 660. Taking in the picturesque coastline of Dorset, Devon, and Cornwall, this is the path less travelled. The clever, and planet friendly folk at SW660 realise that getting around is often best on two wheels or two feet, and so as well as driving, there are plenty of options involving your bike, shanks’ pony, or public transport.

Explore some more

You get the idea – there’s a world of wonder to be discovered out there – and trains, buses, and your feet will only take you so far.

Have you stumbled here at another time of year? Why not check out our Easter driving inspiration?

Get our temporary insurance app

If you’re looking to borrow a car this summer and get door-to-door around some of the UK’s loveliest destinations, download our temporary car insurance app today. While you’re at it, don’t forget to enable Zixty Miles for free and carbon-offset your journey as you go.