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Let’s face it, as far as the police are concerned, driving uninsured will make you about as popular as a wet dog at the chief inspector’s wedding. It can also have serious consequences for you if you have an accident or hurt someone. After all, time in clink can seriously affect your holiday plans.

But what if you’re thinking short term? You might not own a car. Or you might own a car but want to borrow another vehicle for a month, a day, or even an hour.

Classic car insurance

Why would you want to do that? Well, look at it like this. Your bestie Carina owns a mini convertible Cooper classic. It’s got all the toys, including the heated steering wheel. What’s not to love?

And you want to treat your Mum to a spa day, and let her enjoy the wind in her hair as you head-off for a day of unadulterated pampering in the countryside.

A year’s insurance seems like a strange idea for something you’ll use for a short time and you’re not in the market to buy. Why buy a book when there’s whole library out there?

And, let’s be honest: you’ve been secretly itching to drop the top, fire up Spotify, and enjoy driving just the way it should be.

Assuming Carina’s brave enough to lend you her pride and joy for a day, you’re going to need to make things legal. That means insurance.

But hey, do you really want a year’s cover for a day’s fun? Unless you’re certifiably bonkers, probably not. What you need is insurance for now. As in right now.

Short term car insurance

Happily, there’s a solution to make your dreams come true. At Zixty, we make it easy for people like you to do what you want, when you want. By offering short term car insurance for as little as an hour, we ensure you can always say ‘yes’ when an exciting opportunity pops up.

That opportunity might be insuring a car to take some junk to the tip, whisking granny off to her weekly whist drive, or tapping Carina up for her Mini.

Temporary-insurance app

To get your quick, cost-effective temporary-insurance solution, all you need to do is download the Zixty app and tap in a few details for a quote and cover in minutes. Our app wizardry provides a personalised price based on you, the car you’re insuring and a whole bunch of other information.

The app can even help in other ways, too. With Zixty Miles (which is FREE) there’s tips to help drive more economically, extra discounts, and the chance to carbon-offset 100 miles of driving per day. So you can feel ever so slightly smug.

Want to get started? Join the all-digital insurance revolution. Download the Zixty app today.