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The Easter bank holiday is fast approaching and rumours of potential good weather are driving up demand for spontaneous staycations in the UK. But as people all over the country book last-minute trips to popular tourist hotspots, massive delays are expected on the roads. 

Major train stations will be closed for maintenance during the bank holiday weekend (yup, talk about timing) meaning an even larger influx of cars. In fact, around 17 million leisure trips might be made over the Easter break. You know what that means –  busy roads, stressed out drivers, and lots of frustration before you even make it to your hotel (or AirBnB).

So what do you do? Do you abandon the awesome trip you’d planned with your friends? Not necessarily! Temporary car insurance is here to help you save the (holi)day. Here’s how.

Friends in a car

Share the driving with temporary car insurance this Easter

What if we told you you could get to your destination faster, make our roads less busy, and even help the planet a little in the process? Temporary car insurance allows you to share the driving during a road trip and make all of that possible.

If you’re planning a road trip with all your friends, why not pack light and organise a carpooling situash? As in, get the person with the biggest car, or the person who lives the furthest away, to pick everyone up rather than taking five separate hatchbacks to the same destination.

Even if you live in different towns, chances are, all it would take is a small detour to pick everyone up and head to your destination. Plus, bonus points: it’s a lot more fun driving together and having a road trip karaoke sesh than sitting in your cars by yourselves.

A Zixty temporary car insurance policy lasts anywhere between an hour to a few weeks, provides comprehensive cover, and can be arranged in minutes via the app. That’s right, you could literally be on the road in minutes with this type of policy.

But if you’re not convinced, here’s why you should share the driving with temporary car insurance this Easter break.

Gas station in the USA

Get there faster with shorter pit stops

We don’t know where you’re planning on going, but if it’s a longer road trip, we’re thinking you’ve factored in a few pit stops. You’ll need time to rest and recharge in between stressful motorway driving especially when the roads are jam-packed with impatient drivers who all think undertaking and hogging the middle lane is a-okay because they’ve got places to be.

And don’t get us wrong, when you’re the only one driving, those breaks are absolutely essential. So, good on you for baking them into your itinerary! But, they all add extra travel time, meaning you either have to wake up at an ungodly hour to leave at the crack of dawn, or get to your destination just in time for last orders at the pub. Not an ideal situation for anyone.

That is, unless you share the driving. Because when you share the driving, those pitstops don’t have to take anywhere near as long. They can literally be a quick bathroom break. Or a stop to let you swap with one of the other insured drivers in the car.

Because, guess what? You can just rest and recharge in the passenger seat now. And therefore, you all get to get there faster and have a lovely evening. Win-win.

Save money on fuel

If you only take one car to your destination, you only need to fill up one car. Of course, the “right” thing to do would be to split the costs of fuelling up anyway. But, filling up a tank can set you back around £100 these days. Split five ways, that’s around £20, which is much more palatable than filling up five separate cars.

Of course, this “calculation” is not perfect. For instance, there might only be three of you sharing, or you might need to fill up more often if there’s more of you in the car. But the general principle remains; using one car to get there means saving money on fuel.

Friends on a campervan

Help make our roads less congested

If you’re in the mood for altruism, why not help make our roads less congested this Easter? Sharing the driving means leaving at least one car at home that would have otherwise ended up on the motorway this weekend.

Other drivers would thank you for your sacrifice if they weren’t so on edge and prone to road rage already. Bank holidays really bring out the worst in people, don’t they? But if other people’s gratitude is not forthcoming, you could, at the very least, feel smug about your choices. This is one high horse you can stay on for as long as you like as far as we’re concerned.

Plus, imagine if all of us decided to share the driving where possible? How much less congested would our roads look then? In the words of someone very wise (but apparently not Gandhi), “be the change you want to see in the world”.

Help the planet along the way

Generally, less cars on the road mean less harmful emissions. Anyway you look at it, leaving one car at home has got to be kinder to the planet. So by choosing to share the driving and using less cars, you’re taking some stress off the planet.

But that’s not all. If you opt for car insurance with Zixty, we’ll carbon offset all your journeys up to 100 miles a day every day while you’re a customer. All you have to do is enable the free Zixty Miles add-on via the app. We’ll also plant a tree every time you take out a policy with us.

Sure, carbon offsetting isn’t going to solve climate change, but if the goal is to make the planet a little happier, we’re pretty sure we can help you do that when you share the driving this weekend.

Sunset at Stonehenge

Using temporary car insurance to share the driving

Using temporary car insurance to share the driving this weekend is as simple as downloading our app and getting a quote. You could be on the road in minutes.

And yes, you’ll need to share a car with all your friends. Things might get a little cramped. But we guarantee you’ll have fun belting out tunes together and taking turns behind the wheel. Well, it’s got to be more fun than sitting in your car all alone cursing the guy who just cut in front of you anyway.

And if enough of us decide to share the driving where possible, we might all get to our destinations a little faster. After all, who wants to be stuck on the M25 anti-clockwise on a scorching hot bank holiday weekend when they could be drinking a cold one in a pub garden or savouring a 99 Flake at the beach? Not us.