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The night is young, the music is pumping, the energy is high, and the drinks are flowing. But alas, you are the designated driver, aka the person responsible for making sure everyone gets home safely.

This means a hard no to any Jagermeister shots at the club later. Yup, it’s not fun, but you’re  doing all your friends a solid tonight and they’ll be eternally grateful… if they remember. Nevermind, at least you get to gloat when you wake up tomorrow fresh as a daisy and they grunt and groan through their hangover. 

Plus, with short term car insurance, you could borrow your posh friend’s new ride for the night and travel in style. Hey, why should they have all the fun if you’re playing chauffeur anyway? 

And let’s not forget about the perks of being sober – no more regrettable texts, questionable dance moves, or embarrassing Instagram stories. Also, just because you’re not drinking doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the night– enter non-alcoholic spirits and mixers. With endless options available, you’ll be spoiled for choice during pre-drinks. 

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Tuscan Tree

For those who love the bitter orange taste of Aperol, Tuscan Tree is the best non-alcoholic spirit to try. With taste notes that include Italian blood oranges, lemons, lavender and juniper, this vibrant, citrusy drink is great for mixing with soda or tonic. 

Plus, head over to the Tuscan Tree website for lots of mocktail recipes that’ll help you use up all your mixers. So unleash your inner mixologist and try out the Italian Spritz, the Negroni, or even the Tuscan Mojito during your next pre-drinks sesh. Don’t be surprised if your friends decide they want in on the non-alcoholic action too. 

Tanqueray 0% 

If you’re worried about missing out on a classic gin and tonic, look no further than Tanqueray 0% gin alternative. Named BBC Good Food’s most convincing non-alcoholic gin alternative, this drink tastes just like gin, but minus the alcohol content.

Just add your favourite tonic and enjoy a delicious gin and tonic. It’s a great choice for a round of pre-drinks with your friends before you head out for a night at least one of you will remember. 

Amarico Aperitivo Non-Alcoholic Aperitif 

If you’re looking for a vermouth alternative, Amarico Aperitivo is the perfect choice. This aperitif has the flavour of a full-strength vermouth but without the alcohol content. If you enjoy Mediterranean citrusy flavours with herbal notes, you’re absolutely going to love this vermouth substitute. 

You could simply drink it on the rocks or use it in a mocktail recipe of your choice. But whatever you decide to do, you’re in for a delicious drink without the nasty consequences. 

Gordon’s Alcohol Free

Want another solid gin alternative option? If Tanqueray’s 0% gin isn’t enough to tickle your taste buds, why not give Gordon’s Alcohol Free gin a try instead? It provides the same juniper-led notes you’d expect from Gordon’s Original gin, but once again…sans the booze. 

Pair it with your favourite tonic and enjoy a classy night while you keep a watchful eye over your booze-chugging friends. Did we mention you’re an absolute superstar for taking one for the team? 

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Clean Co Clean R 

Rum, the essential building block of a decent mojito, is an absolute essential for a boozy summer night. But if you’re looking to unleash your inner Jack Sparrow on a designated driver night, you might be looking for a rum alternative. 

Well, wanna be pirates everywhere, gather arr-round, because Clean Co Clean R is the answer to all your alcohol-free woes. 

It’s a zero sugar, zero alcohol, low calorie alternative to your standard rum. Caribbean inspired, with a subtle spices flavour and warming undertones of cayenne and caramel, it’s sure to knock your socks off too. Give it a go with a little club soda, lime, and mint during the next boozy barbecue at your friend’s house and drive home safely. 

Strykk Not Vanilla V*dka 

Are you a fan of vodka? Check out Strykk Not Vanilla V*dka. This British-made vodka alternative is 100% natural and sugar-free and infused with Madagascan vanilla beans for a deliciously smooth beverage that is as excellent with cola and ice as it is in a cocktail like your classic Pornstar Martini or Espresso Martini. 

Plus, Strykk offers lots of different mixers for your non-alcoholic vodka, including a premade strawberry woo woo mixer and an espresso martini mixer. To paraphrase the label on the carton, just add your (non-alcoholic) vodka for a delightful, pre-made cocktail that is sure to leave you coming back for more. 

Everleaf Forest 

For a classy, alcohol-free pre-made Spritz, you can’t go wrong with Everleaf Forest, the non-alcoholic aperitif that won the Great Taste award in 2021. 

The drink is designed to capture forest flavours, including orange blossom, saffron and vanilla. Expect a “bold and vibrant” taste with layers of bark and citrus. It’s also gluten free, vegan friendly, and low in calories to boot. 

Try it with slimline tonic, crushed ice, and garnish with a wheel of orange for a delicious yet classy cocktail. And if you love the Everleaf Forest, why not give the Everleaf Mountain or Everleaf Marine a go as well?  

Non-alcoholic spirits for the designated driver: An overview 

With all of these delicious non-alcoholic spirits on offer, giving up driving for the night is hardly a chore. So settle in for a delicious non-alcoholic gin and tonic, Mojito, or Espresso Martini. Or hey, why not all three? It’s not like you’ll be feeling the effects tomorrow.

Plus, as non-alcoholic drinks tend to be low in calories, you can enjoy delicious cocktails without worrying about counting calories all night. 

See? Being the designated driver has its perks. Now make sure you arrange that short term car insurance policy to borrow your friend’s car before they get too drunk to give you permission.