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Smell that? Yes, fresh air. Nice isn’t it?!  Like a groundhog, you’ve weathered the dark, cold winter days by hibernating inside, hunkered down on the sofa, bingeing your way through Netflix. But now, there’s change in the air. That’s right, it’s Spring! The season of blooming flowers, longer days, and… the dreaded spring cleaning. But fear not! While the thought of decluttering and hauling stuff to the recycling centre might seem daunting, Zixty temporary car insurance is here to make your spring cleaning a little bit easier. 

Spring cleaning isn’t just about tidying up; it’s about rejuvenating your living space and, by extension, your life? Okay, maybe that’s a little bit of a stretch but regardless, it’s a time to shake off the winter blues and prepare for a fresh, new season. Whether it’s clothes you no longer wear, old electronics, or that weird vase Aunt Edna gave you three Christmases ago, now’s the time to clear out the old and make room for the new.

The challenge of transport

One major hurdle in spring cleaning is often transportation. How do you get all this stuff to the recycling centre or charity shop? That’s where Zixty temporary car insurance comes in. With our flexible and affordable short term car insurance and temp van insurance, you can borrow a car or van from your mate, your parents, even your neighbour (they did borrow a cup of sugar from you last year…they owe you!)

Temporary car and van insurance: your spring cleaning ally

Imagine this: You’ve sorted through your things and are ready to say goodbye to the old junk. But, you don’t own a vehicle that’s up to the task. Here’s where Zixty shines. You can borrow a car or van, and with Zixty, you can be insured in as little as 5 minutes. You can also tailor the duration of that insurance to the time you need and no more. Start with just 1 hour and go all the way up to 28 days. 

How short term car insurance works

It’s simple. Get a quote here via this website, or download the Zixty app (Apple AppStore and Google Play), enter a few details, and voila, after we’ve done a few checks you should be ready to book your slot at the recycling centre, put on the rubber gloves and get out the feather duster. All without having to worry about the long-term commitment or expense of annual insurance for a task that’s just a blip in your calendar.

Benefits of using temporary car insurance

  1. Flexibility: Choose how long you need the insurance – an hour, a day, or more.
  2. Convenience: Get insured quickly and easily through the website or the app.
  3. Peace of Mind: Comprehensive coverage means you’re protected during your spring cleaning run.
  4. Affordability: Pay only for the time you need, without the commitment of a long-term policy. (We’ve got some other money saving car insurance tips for you too) 

Cleaner and greener

Your trip to the tip or your favourite charity shop not only helps to declutter your life easier but also supports eco-friendly practices. By recycling and donating items, you’re reducing waste and helping the environment. And by borrowing a vehicle rather than having your own, you are further reducing your carbon footprint, and here’s a little extra bonus; we plant a tree for every policy you take out with Zixty, and if you sign up to our Zixty Miles programme in the App we plant enough trees to carbon offset up to 100 miles of your journey each day you’re insured with us. Find out more about our partnership with Eden Reforestation in this article we’ve written. Or visit Eden’s own website.

Ready to get going?

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore dreaded year after year. With Zixty’s temporary car insurance options, it becomes an efficient, stress-free task. So, borrow that vehicle, get it insured, and make your spring cleaning an activity that’s as rejuvenating and refreshing as the season itself.

Get a quote here on this website, or download the Zixty app (Apple AppStore and Google Play) to get started. Happy cleaning, and here’s to a fresh, decluttered start this spring!

Whether you’re planning a quick run to the recycling centre or a full-blown spring cleaning marathon, remember, Zixty’s got your back with the perfect temporary car insurance solution. Let’s make this spring cleaning season the most efficient and hassle-free one yet!