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Feel like getting away from town for a while? You’re in luck, here in the UK we are blessed with some fantastic countryside escapes that will take you far from the crowds. While these beauty spots may not always be well-served by public transport, they are accessible by car or motorbike (or pedal bike if you have the time!). If you’re borrowing someone’s car, make sure you purchase temporary car insurance and you’re good to go! Insuring with a company like Zixty, short term insurance cover of this type provides a practical and worry-free way to journey to the UK’s hidden corners.

So, what are you waiting for? Call in a favour and ask to borrow a car from your best mate, your neighbour, your mum (she’ll be pleased to see you even if you’re only there to nab her car!)

Whether you’re after rugged coastlines, secluded woodlands, or majestic mountains, these nine destinations promise an unforgettable adventure into the heart of the UK’s natural beauty.

1. Kynance Cove, Cornwall: A Coastal Treasure

Kynance Cove in Cornwall is more than just a beach; it’s a coastal wonderland. Its turquoise waters and rare serpentine rock formations make it a photographer’s paradise. The cove, though popular, retains an air of seclusion, especially outside peak seasons. Discover hidden caves and secluded spots for a peaceful picnic. The surrounding cliffs offer panoramic views of the Atlantic, making the challenging paths worth every step. A long weekend might just about cover it, but Cornwall is a long drive for most of us, so why not get temporary car insurance for a few more days and explore some of Cornwall’s other hidden gems? You could even try the new South West 660 following a beautiful coastal route around Dorset, Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.

Highly rated places to stay according to TripAdvisor

Rocky Cove Bed and breakfast

Watermouth Cove Holiday Park

The Sandy Cove Hotel

2. Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland: Enchanting Natural Pools

The Fairy Pools of the Isle of Skye are a series of sparkling, azure pools and cascading waterfalls. Set against the dramatic Cuillin Mountains, these pools are a world-class destination for wild swimmers and nature lovers. The hike to the pools takes you through some of Scotland’s most rugged and dramatic scenery. On a sunny day, the waters are invitingly clear, and brave souls can take a refreshing (see ‘cold’) dip in these magical waters. Again, for most of us, a trip to Skye won’t be an overnighter, luckily Zixty lets you insure a car for up to 28 days. Now, if you had a car for that length of time you could even take in the North Coast 500 which will take you around some of the most dramatic and beautiful (and often wet) landscapes the British Isles have to offer.

Highly rated places to stay according to AirBNB

Croft View, Isle of Skye

Home in Carbost

Cottage in Torrin 

3. Malham Cove, Yorkshire Dales: Limestone Majesty

Malham Cove is a breathtaking limestone amphitheatre in the Yorkshire Dales. It’s famed for its 260-foot high cliff face and unique limestone pavement at the top. The area is a mecca for hikers and rock climbers alike. Trek to the top of the cove for a spectacular view of the rolling dales, and keep an eye out for the peregrine falcons that nest on the cliffs.

Highly rated places to stay according to

Cove View Cottage

Green Grove Country House

Miresfield Farm Bed and Breakfast 

4. Wistman's Wood, Dartmoor: An Ancient Enclave

Wistman’s Wood in Dartmoor National Park is an ethereal stretch of ancient woodland. Its gnarled, moss-covered oak trees, some centuries old, create an otherworldly atmosphere. The wood is a biodiversity hotspot, home to a rich variety of lichens, ferns, and birds. The surrounding moorland also offers expansive views and is a great place for a peaceful hike.

Highly rated places to stay according to TripAdvisor

The Bedford Hotel

The Moorland Hotel

Millend Hotel

5. RSPB Arne, Dorset: A Wildlife Haven

RSPB Arne in Dorset is a stunning nature reserve set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The reserve offers a mix of heathland, woodland, and coastline, providing habitats for a wide array of wildlife, including the rare Dartford warbler. The area’s walking trails offer incredible views of Poole Harbour and the chance to spot deer, birds, and even reptiles.

Highly rated places to stay according to AirBNB

Home in Wareham

Cottage in Ridge

Home in Swanage

6. Luskentyre Beach, Isle of Harris: A Hebridean Gem

Luskentyre Beach, located on the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides, is a breathtaking expanse of white sand and turquoise water. Often lauded as one of the UK’s most beautiful beaches, it offers a remote and tranquil escape. The ever-changing light and dramatic backdrop of the Harris mountains make Luskentyre a photographer’s dream. 

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Corncrake Cottage

The Old Post Office

1 Luskentyre

7. Glen Coe, Scottish Highlands: Dramatic Landscapes

Glen Coe in the Scottish Highlands is a valley of awe-inspiring beauty and tragic history. The dramatic landscapes, with their rugged peaks and serene lochs, are a haven for walkers, climbers, and history enthusiasts. Drive through the valley and be captivated by the breathtaking scenery, or take a hike to explore the area’s hidden waterfalls and stunning viewpoints.

Highly rated places to stay according to TripAdvisor

Clachaig Inn

Signal Rock Cottage B&B

Red Squirrel Campsite

8. Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall: A Coastal Phenomenon

Bedruthan Steps on the Cornish coast is a dramatic and beautiful landscape. The towering sea stacks and cliffs offer a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a perfect place for a coastal walk, where you can explore the numerous rock formations and sandy beaches revealed at low tide. The site is steeped in myths and legends, adding a mystical allure to its natural beauty.

Highly rated places to stay according to AirBNB

Cottage in Porthcothan Bay

Home in Porthcothan Bay

Cottage in Crantock 

Temporary car Insurance done? Then you're road trip ready

Exploring these nine spectacular natural wonders of the UK is an adventure like no other. Each destination offers its unique charm and beauty, providing an ideal escape for those looking to reconnect with nature. While these places are best reached by car, it’s important to consider the practicalities of such a journey. Opting for the best temporary car insurance or weekend car insurance can ensure your trip is not only memorable but also secure and stress-free. This way, you’re free to focus on the stunning landscapes, rich wildlife, and serene moments that await you in these hidden corners of the UK. 

Eco-friendly and community-oriented

If you’re concerned about how driving impacts your carbon footprint, you’re certainly thinking along the right lines and we applaud you for it. Where possible we recommend travelling by public transport, or if you really want to experience a place then use a bike or walk. However, when that’s not practical, by borrowing a vehicle rather than having your own, you are at least reducing your carbon footprint in one way. And here’s a little extra bonus for you; we plant a tree for every policy you take out with Zixty. If you sign-up to our Zixty Miles programme in the App we plant enough trees to carbon offset up to 100 miles of your journey each day you’re insured with us. Find out more about our partnership with Eden Reforestation by reading this article all about Eden. Or visit Eden’s own website.