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Zixty’s temporary car insurance has gone live, with flexible cover lasting from 60 minutes to 28 days, plus a great free carbon-offsetting option through the app.

We’re live! Let’s keep the planet the same way

Big news for car-borrowers, tip-runners, birds, bees, polar bears and penguins everywhere – Zixty is now live on iOS and it won’t be long before we’re live on Android.

Zixty is the new name in short term car insurance. If you need to use a car for anything from 60 minutes to 28, hit us up.

Why you need temporary insurance

Why would you want temporary car insurance? Maybe your own car’s in the garage. Because you’re in between cars. Or perhaps you want to borrow your brother’s convertible and head towards the sun.

We leave the choice up to you. But we also make it easy for you to do a little bit of good for the environment every time you make a car journey under our cover.

Download our app, sign up to Zixty Miles for free and we’ll carbon-offset your journeys by up to 100 miles each day, whatever car you insure with us. We simply record how far you travel and assess your driving style with an Eco Score. You’ll then be rewarded by carbon-offsetting some or even all of your journey.

Sustainable car insurance

How do we do this? We plant trees. We work out your total emissions and use this to calculate how many to plant. We work with Eden Reforestation to ensure the trees are sustainably and environmentally planted.

So, welcome to Zixty, a collection of insurance pros, software nerds, and hummus-munching creatives as passionate about the environment and sustainable car insurance as you are.

Want to get started? Download the app today.

If you’d like to read more about our launch and our plans for carbon offsetting and short term car insurance with an eco conscience, why not have a glance at the Zixty launch Press Release.