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It’s Glastonbury festival this weekend, and music festival enthusiasts across the UK will be enjoying three days filled with incredible performances, unique experiences, and the chance to create unforgettable memories.

However, Glasto is not the only show in town, so to speak. Many of the UK’s most beloved, smaller festivals are set in even more rural locations, making them difficult to reach by public transport. So, if you’re planning to attend these festivals, taking a car might be the most convenient option, especially if there’s a few of you to spread the costs and share the driving. At Zixty, we offer short term car insurance that can cover you from 1 hour to 28 days. 

Let’s explore some of these hard-to-reach festivals and see how our short term car insurance can make your journey hassle-free.

1. Boomtown Fair (Matterley Estate, Hampshire)

Boomtown Fair, set in the South Downs National Park, is renowned for its vibrant and immersive experience, combining music, art, and performance across multiple stages and districts. The festival’s location, while picturesque, is not easily accessible by public transport. The nearest train station is Winchester, from where you would need to take a shuttle or taxi to the site, a journey that can be cumbersome with camping gear.

Getting there by car

The simplest way to get to Boomtown is by car. The festival’s website offers detailed directions and postcode information, with distinct routes for travellers from the north, south, east, and west. The site is conveniently located near major motorways like the M3 and A303, and there is plenty of parking available on-site.

With Zixty’s short term car insurance, you can borrow a car for the weekend, ensuring you’re covered for the entire duration of the festival without the need for a long-term policy. Having your own wheels also frees you up to leave when you’re feeling like it, rather than stressing about the train schedule. Just make sure you are fit and legal to drive when it comes time to take down your tent and head for home! 

If you plan to drive to Boomtown, make sure to buy a car parking pass ahead of time. Passes can be purchased on the festival’s official website, and need to be displayed in your vehicle when you arrive.

Public transport

For those opting to use public transportation, Boomtown offers several options. The closest train station is Winchester, with direct trains available from London Waterloo and other major cities. From Winchester station, Boomtown runs a shuttle bus service that operates frequently throughout the festival weekend.

2. Green Man Festival (Brecon Beacons, Wales)

Nestled in the breathtaking Brecon Beacons, right beside the charming River Usk, Green Man Festival is a haven for lovers of music, art, and nature. This year’s lineup looks stellar! However, its remote location poses a challenge for festival-goers relying on public transport. The nearest train station, Abergavenny, is still a considerable distance from the festival site.

Getting there by car

If you do want to have the convenience of driving, then borrowing a car and using Zixty’s short term car insurance is a great way to do it. It’s quick and cost effective when you share a car with friends.  All cars require a car park ticket, tickets can be bought for £30 on the door, Park and Ride service costs £15 (per vehicle) on the door, and the Settlement car park costs £45 on the door.

Getting there by public transport

For those looking to take public transport, you can get a train to the local town of Abergavenny and then a free shuttle bus. Alternatively, you can take a coach. National Express will be providing dedicated coaches to Green Man, with drop-off and pick-up directly at the on-site coach park from various locations across the UK. 

3. Kendal Calling (Lowther Deer Park, Lake District)

Kendal Calling, set in the scenic Lowther Deer Park in the Lake District, offers a magical festival experience with a diverse lineup of music, comedy, and arts. However, reaching this idyllic location can be tricky. Public transport options are limited, and the festival site is quite a distance from the nearest major train stations.

Getting there by train

The closest train station to the festival site is Penrith (also known as Penrith North Lakes), which is a 15-minute taxi ride away. A special shuttle bus service will also run from the station to the festival. There are fast and direct hourly trains from Scotland, Birmingham, and London, as well as from Manchester and the North West (with a quick change at Preston or Crewe).

Train schedules are as follows:

  • From Birmingham New Street to Penrith North Lakes: 2 hours 31 minutes, trains depart every hour
  • From London Euston to Penrith North Lakes: 3 hours, trains depart every 30 minutes
  • From Glasgow to Penrith North Lakes: 1 hour 21 minutes, trains depart every hour
  • From Edinburgh to Penrith North Lakes: 1 hour 30 minutes, trains depart every hour
  • From Lancaster to Penrith North Lakes: 34 minutes


Getting there by coach 

The festival is also offering various coach services from around the UK to make getting to Kendal Calling easy and sustainable. Tickets are available on the National Express website. Coaches will drop off and pick up at the Pick Up and Drop Off point located at Green Gate.


Getting there by car

Driving to Kendal Calling is probably the most convenient way to transport your mates and your camping gear, whilst also enjoying the scenic road trip through the Lake District. Zixty’s short term car insurance lets you and your friends get to the festival without breaking the bank. 


Carbon footprint

The organisers reckon that 63% of the festival’s carbon footprint stems from audience travel. Insuring your vehicle with Zixty will mean we carbon offset some, or all, of your journey (see below for more about this) via our partner Eden Reforestation. If you want to do even more, you can make a donation when you buy your festival tickets, 100% of which will be invested in renewable energy. 

4. End of the Road Festival (Larmer Tree Gardens, Dorset)

End of the Road Festival, located on the Wiltshire-Dorset border, is celebrated for its intimate atmosphere and eclectic lineup of music and arts. However, its rural setting makes it challenging to reach via public transport. The nearest train stations are a fair distance away, requiring additional travel by taxi or shuttle. 

For a hassle-free trip to End of the Road Festival, consider borrowing a car and using Zixty’s short term car insurance, so you can focus on enjoying the festival without worrying about transport logistics.


By car

If you’re driving, here are some distances and approximate drive times: 

104 miles West of London (2 1/2 hour drive)
52 miles South of Bristol (90-minute drive)
23 miles North of Bournemouth (35-minute drive)

If you drive your car or ride your motorbike to the festival, you will need to purchase a Parking ticket in advance here.

5. Boardmasters (Newquay, Cornwall)

Boardmasters, a festival that combines music with surf culture, takes place in the stunning coastal town of Newquay, Cornwall. While the festival’s location offers beautiful beaches and fantastic waves, it also presents challenges for public transport users. Newquay is relatively remote, and train and bus services can be infrequent and time-consuming. 

Getting there by train

If you do take the train there are regular shuttles. The cost is £3.50 at the time of writing. If you are travelling by train, book ahead with GWR

By coach

The festival does have a partnership with The Big Green Coach. Tickets start from £72 return. The carbon-neutral coaches will return to one of 80 pick up points on Monday, hassle-free. Here’s a link to the coach timetable. 

By car

If there are a few of you, driving to Boardmasters can simplify your travel plans, and potentially save you money too. Zixty’s short term car insurance will let you to borrow a car and get to exactly where you need to be, when you need to be there (although do allow for  the sometimes heavy traffic you experience in Cornwall in summertime).

Why Choose Zixty's Short Term Car Insurance?

Flexibility and convenience are pretty handy when it comes to festival travel; having to make a particular bus or train departure on the way home might not be your style after a weekend of late nights! 

Our short term car insurance offers several benefits that make it the perfect solution for festival-goers:

  • Flexible coverage: With options ranging from 1 hour to 28 days, you can choose the exact duration of coverage you need.
  • Comprehensive protection: Our insurance policies provide comprehensive coverage, ensuring you’re protected against accidents, theft, and damage.
  • Affordable rates: We offer competitive rates, making short term car insurance an affordable option. That could be really cost effective if there are a few of you sharing the costs.  
  • Ease of use: Our user-friendly platform and app makes it easy to purchase and manage your insurance policy online.
  • Carbon offsetting: We plant a tree for every policy sold. Use the free Zixty Miles feature on our app, and we’ll plant enough trees to cover up to 100 miles for each day you’re insured with us.

To get insured, visit our quote page, or download our app (Apple AppStore and Google Play) to get started.  

Concerned about your carbon footprint?

If you’re concerned about how driving impacts your carbon footprint, we understand you completely. Therefore, where possible, we recommend traveling by public transport. Alternatively, if you really want to experience a place, consider using a bike or walking. However, when that’s not practical, borrowing a vehicle rather than owning one can at least reduce your carbon footprint to some extent. Furthermore, here’s a little extra bonus for you: we plant a tree for every policy you take out with Zixty. Additionally, if you sign up for our Zixty Miles program in the app, we plant enough trees to offset up to 100 miles of your journey each day you’re insured with us.

Find out more about our partnership with Eden Reforestation by reading this article all about Eden. Or visit Eden’s own website.