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Picture this: you’re on an epic road trip and have just got to an exciting new city where you’re meeting your BFF. You’ve got everything sorted; your hair is on point, your outfit is fire, and you’re loving the vibes. 

But then, it happens. You get to the car park and that familiar feeling of dread fills you. You circle the same car park five times desperately scanning for an empty spot. Each red brake light ahead of you is a taunt, mocking your inability to locate a single parking space in this chaos. 

You’re starting to regret not taking out temporary car insurance to borrow your friend’s tiny hatchback that can fit in the smallest gaps. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Technology has your back. And with the parking apps below, it’s time to say goodbye to endlessly circling packed car parks and say hello to snagging the best parking spots in town. 

Person in orange with blue car and trees and sun in the background.

Just Park 

With Just Park, you no longer have to scour the streets for an available parking spot. Their app allows you to choose from millions of spaces across the UK, so you can find the best option for every car journey. You can view information on availability, price, and restrictions, so you can plan ahead and avoid any last-minute surprises.

And the best part? You can reserve a spot in advance at over 45,000+ locations in the UK, meaning no more stressing about finding a parking spot at the last minute. Just book ahead and enjoy your journey knowing that your parking is sorted.

And if you want to “pay it forward” and have your own parking spot, such as extra space on your drive, you can rent it out via Just Park and earn yourself some easy money. It’s free to list and only takes a few minutes to get up and running. 


With over 90 countries, 20,000 cities, and 90,000,000 spaces and growing, you can trust that Parkopedia has all the info you need. Whether you’re travelling abroad or staying local, Parkopedia will help you find a spot in no time.

The website is super easy to use. All you need to do is input your location, and Parkopedia will do the rest. You can sort your results by distance, price, and relevance, so you can find the perfect spot for your needs. You get info on each car park, including when it opens, how much it costs, and how to pay, as well as real-time availability. No more guessing games!

Also, it is possible to reserve parking spots in advance with Parkopedia at certain locations. All you’ll have to do is present your parking pass when you arrive. 


RingGo deserves a special mention because while it doesn’t let you pre-book spots, it makes parking so much less stressful. No more fishing around for coins, you just whip out your phone once you’ve parked up and pay via the app. The app’s available across 500 towns and cities across 150 local authorities here in the UK. 

But one of the coolest features of the app is that it allows you to remotely extend your parking time with just a few taps on your phone. So if you thought you were only going to be a couple of hours, but you’re having an absolute blast with your pals and don’t want to rush back to move your car, just whip out RingGo and extend that parking time. 

RingGo doesn’t allow you to pre-book parking spots. However, it does take the stress away from having to search for a spot once you’re already in the area. So, park up, open the app, and pay for your spot without the usual hassle.  

Man with blue hatchback car with trees and the sun in the background

Your Parking Space 

For the eco-conscious drivers among us, YourParkingSpace says it has saved 355t tonnes of CO2 by helping people book spots and drive straight to the location. And, the app takes part in tree-planting initiatives to help carbon offset your mileage. 

But how does it work? Well, the app connects you to over 350,000 parking spaces across the UK and Ireland, so there’s no shortage of options. You can book a spot hourly, daily, or on a monthly rolling subscription with no commitment. So, whether you need a last-minute space or a long-term solution, YourParkingSpace has got you covered. 

Once you book a space, you’ll get the full details about the parking location, so you can make your way there and park up. Plus, YourParkingSpace also allows you to list your own parking space for free and earn some extra cash too. Win-win! 


AppyParking is like having your very own “personal parking co-pilot”. With parking spots in over 450 towns and cities across the UK, you’ll never have to worry about finding a spot again. They even help you uncover those elusive and highly sought-after free on-street parking spaces, saving you hundreds of pounds per year – who doesn’t love free stuff? 

AppyParking also helps get you to your spot as quickly as possible.  Not only does it guide you directly to the best parking spot near your destination, but it also gives you an estimate of how far you have to walk. So, if you’re wearing those new shoes that are killing your feet, you can plan accordingly and avoid any unnecessary discomfort. 

And if paying for parking makes you want to pull your hair out, AppyParking can help too. They provide payment info links to help you pay directly, meaning you can say goodbye to those pesky pay machines forever.

The best parking apps: An overview 

No more driving around in circles, no more stressing about where to park, and definitely no more fishing for coins. These apps offer real-time availability, reservation options, and even carbon offset initiatives.

Plus, with many of them, you can rent out your own space and make some cash on the side. So, take a breather and let technology do the hard work for you.