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Hitting the road to explore the UK’s national parks with Zixty’s temp cover in your glove box (or just on your phone actually).

It’s the start of Discover National Parks Fortnight. So put the controller down, stop playing Fortnite and prepare to get a hefty dose of the great outdoors without the hassle of forever-commitment car insurance. Whether you’re planning to yomp through the Lake District, or sip whisky in the Scottish Highlands after a day of wildlife watching, Zixty’s temp cover is your ticket to a worry-free adventure. Let’s dive into the must-visits and must-dos of four of the UK’s top national parks.

1. The Lake District: Hike, swim or bike (with side order of history)

Okay, the Lake District does have lakes (shocker, I know), but it’s also crammed with mountains to conquer and villages that look like they’ve jumped straight out of a storybook. It’s the place to go if you fancy mixing a bit of culture with your outdoor escapades. Highlights include walking, watersports and cycling, and whatever adventures you get up to during the day, the dark skies of the lakes also offer great opportunities for stargazing after dark. 

Hit the Trails: Lace-up for anything from a chill lakeside wander at Windermere to the peak-bagging thrill of Scafell Pike. Check out the Where2Walk website for the top 25 walks in the lake District 

Water Sports: Kayaking, paddleboarding, or just going for a wim – the lakes are a wonderland for watersports. Grassmere is a particular favourite with the Zixty team. Get inspiration for your next adventure on the Visit Lake District website

Culture and history: Walk in the footsteps of Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter if you’re into your classic English literature, or explore neolithic stone circles and some industrial wonders of the past if history’s your thing. The Lake District National Park website has plenty of ideas to get you in the mood for a more cerebral visit. 

2. Snowdonia: Beyond the mountain

Sure, Snowdonia has Snowdon, and magnificent it is too! But the region has even more to offer the adventurous. Think of it as nature’s theme park, minus the long queues and overpriced snacks (except in the height of the tourist season when there might be long queues and overpriced snacks). 

Mountain Biking: Get your two-wheeled thrills in places like Coed y Brenin Forest Park. Stick your bikes in the boot, or strap them to the roof and get ready to shred the gnar (that’s a thing). If you don;t want to take your own bike you can rent something suitable at the park’s visitor centre. For those who want the thrills without all that effort, there are even full-suspension ebikes. Shhhh. We won’t tell if you don’t. 

Zip Lining and Adventure Parks: Fancy flying through the air or bouncing below ground? Snowdonia’s got you covered. Penrhyn Quarry, operated by ZipWorld, the world’s fastest Zipline – you might have seen it on TopGear? 

Climbing Snowdon: Take on the challenge and enjoy the bragging rights. There are routes for all, from the newbie to the seasoned hiker. Snowdonia’s official website has all the climbing information you need. Remember, take only photos, leave only footprints!

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Now, let’s back to our national park review. 

3. The Scottish Highlands: Wild walks and wildlife watching (and whisky!)

The Highlands offer up a slice of Scottish life that’s as rich in adventure as it is in culture. It’s where untamed landscapes meet history, and yes, plenty of whisky.

Wildlife Watching: Eagles, deer, and if you’re lucky, the elusive Nessie (okay, maybe not Nessie). Visit Scotland has helpfully listed 14 wildlife tours you can book ahead of your visit. If you don;t fancy an official tour, we have it on good authority that you’ll see plenty of great things wherever you go in the Highlands. The Isle of Mull and Ardnamurchan Peninsula come particularly highly recommended by the Zixty team.   

Castle Explorations: The famous Eilean Donan castle (of Highlander film fame) and many others await to intrigue you with tales of yore. We particularly love the romantic located Castle Tiorum, a beautiful spot where you can view Sea Eagles and Golden Eagles at the same time if you’re lucky. 

Whisky Tasting: It’s practically mandatory. Dive into the local distilleries to see what all the fuss is about. Trip Advisor has reviews on all the distilleries in the Highlands. We’re already packing our bags. Obviously don’t drink the whisky and then drive, that would crazy (and crazy illegal). Still, maybe someone that doesn’t want a hangover could be a designated driver? Luckily, with Zixty’s temp cover you can insure them for as little as 1 hour. Problem solved!

4. The Peak District: First of its kind, second to none

As the UK’s inaugural national park, the Peak District is a haven for anyone looking to get a good gulp of fresh air, with a side of history.

Caving and Potholing: Subterranean wonders await for those willing to explore the depths. Okay, so please don’t go potholing unless you’re trained and have the right equipment. But if you fancy going underground without all those ropes and overalls, the Peak District also has lots of show caves and caverns

Cycling: Pedal through breathtaking landscapes on trails made for every level of cyclist. The official website of the Peak District National Park has lots of information to help you plan your ride. 

Historic Houses and Gardens: Get your fill of British heritage with a visit to places like Chatsworth House and Haddon Hall. History Hit has lots more suggestions to keep you going. 

Temporary car Insurance done? Then you're road trip ready

So, there you have it. I think we can all agree there’s plenty of adventure awaiting us all in our national parks. Time to plan your route, pack your bag, and get a quote for your temporary car insurance by going to the quote page of this website, or by downloading the app from the Apple AppStore or Google Play.

Adventure is out there!

Eco-friendly and community-oriented

If you’re concerned about how driving impacts your carbon footprint, we understand you completely. Where possible we recommend travelling by public transport, or if you really want to experience a place then use a bike or walk. However, when that’s not practical, by borrowing a vehicle rather than having your own, you are at least reducing your carbon footprint in one way. And here’s a little extra bonus for you; we plant a tree for every policy you take out with Zixty. If you sign-up to our Zixty Miles programme in the App we plant enough trees to carbon offset up to 100 miles of your journey each day you’re insured with us. Find out more about our partnership with Eden Reforestation by reading this article all about Eden. Or visit Eden’s own website.