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Workin’ 9 to 5? How about no. This isn’t Dolly Parton’s era. We’ve swapped shoulder pads, smart briefcases, and power suits for sweats, pyjama bottoms, and super fast broadband. How? By embracing the #wfh revolution, that’s how. Let’s face it, going to the office every day is just not a vibe.

And with temporary car insurance, borrowing a car for those rare office trips is easier than ever. Because what’s the alternative? Picture this. You get up at 6am. You’re in your car by 6.15 because you’re just that organised.

Except you forgot to fill up. So you stop at the petrol station. You fill up your gas-guzzling banger while you guzzle your own brown concoction loosely resembling coffee. Hey – you both need fuel.

Then, you’re stuck in traffic for ages. Stop. Start. Stop. Start. Your leg’s started cramping. You should have probably signed up for those Yoga classes. But, that two-hour round-trip commute every day isn’t helping with time management.

You get to the office. You sit in Zoom meetings all day. You’re pretty sure you could have done this from the comfort of your own home.

And the thing is – many of us can. Sure, not all jobs can do the whole #wfh thing, but some are so suited to it, it’s criminal not to. 

Person in orange with blue car and trees and sun in the background.

It’s time to ditch the commute

This is 2023. LinkedIn is full of remote work and hybrid job opportunities all over the country. So if you’re looking for your dream job, you don’t have to limit yourself to that 20-mile radius around your commuter-belt town.

If all your job requires is a laptop and an internet connection, then you don’t need to be in an office. Period.

And sure; some companies like having the occasional office day once a month. But would you rather commute once a month or every single day?

If you’ve scored that dream hybrid job that requires zero commuting most of the time – well done! Now make sure you make the most of it.

How you’re making the planet happy by not commuting

Did you know that, around the world, transport accounts for approximately a quarter of all CO2 emissions? And most of that can be attributed to the humble road vehicle a.k.a your car, van, or motorcycle. Yup.

Of course, swapping driving for walking or cycling is ideal for doing your bit to limit these emissions. But that’s not always realistic. This isn’t Google Maps circa early 2010. None of us are planning on kayaking across the Pacific and, equally, we’re not going to jog to Junction 35 on the M62 either.

But embracing working from home when possible could be our way to limit our road emissions. Ditching the commute has been linked to lots of positive environmental impacts like better air quality and reduced green house gases.

And better air quality is good for all of us, by the way. It’s been linked to better health outcomes like reduced heart disease, lung cancer, and chronic conditions like asthma.

So by not commuting, you’re doing your part to make the planet a little healthier – in every sense of the word.

Man with blue hatchback car with trees and the sun in the background

Take it one step further: Ditch the car

If you’re not commuting, do you really need your own car? Think about it. You no longer need to be at the office at 8am sharp every single day.

Unless you live way out in the sticks, you probably have some form of public transport or taxi service for when you need to go somewhere further afield.

And, let’s face it, even if you live out in the sticks, unless you live alone, you probably have at least two cars. If both you and your partner used to commute, chances are, you needed multiple cars to get around.

But now? Do you need both? Probably not. So ditch the car. Ditch the annual car insurance. Ditch the road tax. Use the money to do something cool.

But wait, what do you do when you need to borrow your boo’s car to go to the office once a month? Do you need to be added to their car insurance for that one journey? It might seem a bit overkill.

That’s where temporary car insurance comes in.

Borrow a car for that rare office trip with temporary car insurance

Zixty’s temporary car insurance is designed to let you borrow your boo’s car with ease. Or your mum’s car. Or your friend’s car. Or your great-aunt Edna’s car. Basically, anyone’s car as long as they give you permission is fair game. (tip: it needs to be road legal too)

It’s oh-so-easy with Zixty’s intuitive app. All you have to do is fill out your info and scan your full UK car licence. And you can be on the road in minutes.

Also, our policies are super flexible. Need the car for a quick jaunt to Tesco? You can take out a one-hour policy to cover the trip. Need it for an overnight work trip? Cover can last anywhere between 60 minutes to 28 days. You’re sorted.

So if you need to commute to the office for that all-team meeting once a month, temporary car insurance can help.

Oh, and you can still do your bit for the environment while you’re behind the wheel with Zixty. Enable our free Zixty Miles add-on and carbon offset all your journeys up to 100 miles a day every day while you’re a customer with us. Plus, we’ll plant a tree on your behalf every time you take out a policy.

That’s right – your #wfh stint can be a real win-win-win situation with Zixty.